Evolution Patch 1.3 Update (Easy Installer)


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I have PES6, The game used to work with my PC before this patch. I am running it on a windows vista laptop. Ive installed all the correct patches and files and the game loads up with the new menu and kits, but anytime the game has to load an actuall player (the demo screen, a match, training, edit player) the game just closes and says it has stopped working. Any ideas gents?

p.s the only thing i couldnt do properly was this part here

1. Extract EvoPatch OF.rar
2. Copy the inserted KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT (2 versions available) into the directory My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution
3. Go to Ingame Options und choose reporters speech again..

I copied one of the files into that folder but i dont know how to do part 3, is that the options in the game, if so i cant see anything there


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ok i have applied the patch 1.3 and replaced the patched exe ad when ever i double click on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 the game doesnt start and i get this!!! btw i am using vista ultimate