Evolution Patch 1.3 Update (Easy Installer)


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Ok I am in big need of some help, please...

Here is what I have done and I will try to be very detailed:
1. Installed, [PC]Evolution Patch 1.3 RELEASED (by Superpatch 4 staff)

2. Converted the PES6 OF ---> to ---> WE:PES2007 OF (it works, I tested the conversion before installing the patch.

3. Game crashes as it is trying to load the game and says...
"WE2007.exe has encountered a problem and is shutting down"!

What I think has happened is that during the installation I messed up some where around the Kitsever 6.5.1...
Please Help I am in need bad

Thanks & Cheers


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henrikcomn;2313019 said:
why is evolution patch better than superpatch?

couse the chants are bigger and better..

you got 319 stadiums with 100% adboards

an uniform folder with amazing uni's.

bundesliga and much more.. here are some photos:



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how do i get the pes6.exe to work?
when i downloaded it, it says online pes6 and offline pes6, but none of them works when i extract them to my pes6 folder..??


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Help with kitserver

Hey guys,

I'm kinda new to editing so I would appreciate any help I can get. I'm trying to install the evolution patch and I don't have a problem with replacing the 0_text, e_sound etc files. However I can't seem to get the stadiums to show up in the game. I placed the new stadiums folder in the kitserver GDB folder as instructed and then I ran setup.exe and I got a success message. However, the stadiums don't seem to show up in the game. Do i need stadium server or something ? I have no idea how this works. Could someone PLEASE help me....

Thanks in advance


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Game Crash

Hello to all.

I've just installed the full EVO Patch version 1.3

Everything's working fine except when I choose to play 2 teams from the same league, the game just crashes to the desktop. The 2 leagues that I've encountered this problem are the EPL and La Liga.

Still can't figure out why this problem keeps on happening. Even uninstalled PES6 and reinstalled the patch, but problem keeps on reoccurring.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Some feedback appreciated.

Thanks to all.


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henrikcomn;2315220 said:

how do i get the pes6.exe to work?
when i downloaded it, it says online pes6 and offline pes6, but none of them works when i extract them to my pes6 folder..??

what am i doing wrong? HELP plz


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to all people who encouterd the crash problem just download kitserver 5.1.2 and it's solved


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henrikcomn;2316953 said:
what am i doing wrong? HELP plz

choose offline (if youre game is Warezd) then change the name to-------Pes6

and thats it... it has to work there is no other way - unless you dont have all the files in your DAT folder.

and if you do and you did the ABOVE then try to paly without the kitserver or downloading another kitserver.


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EPL commentary messed up

the commentary is messed up badly on my pes since installing FULL evo patch 1.3. EG:

after winning any game in a season of league play it says ive won the league, spanish league, promotion from division, German league.

during gameplay it announces time wrong "15 minutes into the game" when it has been 40 mins.. etc

lots of these errors, at first i thought i could live with it, now its begining to annoy me, any solution?

i play EPL mainly.


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Hey evryone i am kind of new to this so can anyone tell me how to do this i would really apreciate it.

P.S. do i need kitserver or dkz studio for this??????


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first unzip with Winrar, then extract with WinUHA? I dun get it. Cuz when I extracted with WinHUA, the computer said that there's sth wrong with the file 'CZE - Mestsky Fotbalovy Stadian.' Could anybody help? thanks.


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How do i install this?
I downloaded all the files separate.
I put everything in a folder, i currently have:
-Boots Folder
-Faces Folder
-Evo 1.2 exe
-Hair Folder
-Evo_e_text updated
-Uni Folder
-Evo Patch OF 1.3

Evo Stadiums

Where do i put all this stuff?