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Hi guys, first of all, the patch is amazing.

Props to everybody involved in this outstanding and no stop work.

Second, I would suggest specific hair versions for Shevchenko (long hair in 2004-2005, when he got Ballon d'Or) and Ronaldo Nazario da Lima in his AC Milan stint (2007-08).

They were definitely my soccer heroes back when I was young :innocent_smile_1:

I tried to import two generic hair files to Ronaldo in order to give him the look he had during his rossoneri days, but I failed to get a proper result, despite have imported through Creation Master all necessary files (hair and hair-lod models, hair images and relative bump).
Ronaldo got his new hair but were something between grey and transparent :confused:

Third (just an info but I'm sure you guys already knew and proceeded to fix), I noticed Revolution Mod works well only in NT patch, whilst in CLUB version there are the same specific files based and copied from NT database, also something is wrong with files inside lua folder (I think a previous version of Rev Mod with different .lua files, by the way a type of "calling files" doesn't fit).

So I made a test. I deleted, in CLUB database, hair file from R9 in order to get his conventional totally shaved look (not the one assigned and he used in last two matches of WC 2002), then I managed to copy lua folder from NT to CLUB version, copied specific hair files (were in data/sceneassets/hair of NT patch) of K&J 2002, changing of course ID of team (I choosed Real Madrid '03, do you remember he had the same look in final game of 2002-03 La Liga?) and now it works :bouncy:

Four. If only there was a way to fix the insane AI transition gameplay...well, I usually play Legenday level (with cl.ini to balance a bit and give some more speed to me), they run as match was in last 5 mins and always look for a vertical chip pass :nape: without taking some natural break...no matter I setted slow gameplay, 0 at sprint slider, 1 at runs, 35 at pass speed, 30 at defenses' lenght and 30 at width (having so a tighter court, less spaces, to force them to make errors and think a bit more...at least I had some improvements, but those damn vertical long throw balls always happened...)

Five (just constructive criticism, hope you understand).
How slow and no reactive at all are 90% of defenders! AI usually goes with their no-sense dribbling , zig-zag easily and defenders have so low speed, acceleration and balance (even Nesta :confused:, I edited his stats)

Bye, fully support to the team :bow:
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sarebbe possibile chiedere a qualche vostro collaboratore la conversione del vecchio bayarena di leverkusen da fifa 10 a fifa 16 per favore?

grazie 1000


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Sergio Ramos long hairs no beard

Nicely done, Giggi. Maybe remove a bit of red skin on top of the forehead?

Also I hope you use the latest heads by Pillowbiter where possible, since they are most accurate in size and proportions. And it's convenient to have just one correct head size and fit all other hair variants on top of it.

I have "young" Zlatan texture, but I don't know who is author :(

Thanks! Here is the latest scanned Ibra, hopefully someone can make him bald and without facial hair

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