[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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Krzynowek Jacek (Wujek / GIGGIRIVA)

Really great! I never seen better Jacek Krzynówek face in all "new" Fifa history... Last good face has been created to Fifa 08.
Good job, Giggi. Now we can see Jacek Krzynówek in great quality for "new" Fifa.
I'm very happy :)


Starting XI
Fernando Torres Fifa14/Fifa15 Hybrid...

Please try this hair on this Torres head:
Converted pack 6



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Great progress as usual but I have a bittersweet feeling everytime I touch this game, so I've decided to take a break for a while after some weeks of playing (I was a newbie to FIFA14)...I edited all kind of sliders trying to simulate (as possible) real football, modded with any kind of gameplay patches found around the web, I even edited tactics in squads through CM putting patient build, slowest possible dribbling values...but game basically remains so poor, teams always looking for transitions, goals usually happen in first or last 10 minutes of the game, with strange overpowering mechanisms for teams making players' stats, tactics and your way of playing useless (SCRIPTING IS SO EVIDENT), stats and characterization for players is basically non-existant on the field, with so different players (well reproduced by the patch thanks to radically different stats) playing same way (how Peter Crouch can go easy 1vs1 and past defenders like they were dead, how Gattuso can dribble like Rivaldo/Diego/Best/Dinho with completely different set of stats, c'mon)...AI player never loses control of his own dribble...always same actions, same shots and same moves...goals AI score are pretty the same over and over, with human player's defenders taking an unreasonable sleep, stopping themselves or becoming kind of dead with no reflexes, AI going with a free run into the area from mid, teammate going for a long pass, perfect ball control, that zig zag dribbling eluding your recovery try and that slight curve shoot. Game is totally bullshit, sorry for me being expletive but I think a game like this doesn't deserve the amount of dedication you guys are putting.
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