Daves v1.1 Training Schedule


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i rest all my players the day after the game because we usually play a game every 3-4 days and i need them at least at 95%.


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hehe, nice one, BUT, potential is random for Pongolle i THINK, im pretty sure it starts off at -2, which if im not mistaken is 160-200.

however, if it is a set potential then dave has been cheating, but i doubt it.



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His potential IS set at 167, but most stats are random anyway. They could still end up at Dave's level.

There's only 4 20s, which does align with the potential of 167, plus some in the physical, which are affected by experience as well as ability.


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his crossing is definatly random, in my current game it is 20, and it started at 20. lol



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Dave how often did you play Pongolle at the beginning to get him that good? Also, can I see Gerrard, Carragher, Kewell, and maybe Baros? Thanks


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I am at a real loss with potential, Aaron Lennon has current/potential 190 in my game, but Tom Huddlestone (current/potential 178) has better attributes? (i.e. the sum of all the attributes, including hidden ones, is better for Huddlestone)

I don't cheat, and I'm not going to waste my time convincing people that I don't.

Here is Gerrard: (sorry about the french tho, you can guess most of it, if not go to dictionary.com/translator)

Since this image (I am in 2011 now, but I cant be bothered to load CM0304 as I am goin to bed now!) Gerrard's stat changes are:
- Crosses (centres) 18 -> 20
- Technique (the same) 16 -> 20
- Long shots (tirs de loin) 19 -> 20
- Penalties (tirs de penalty) 13 -> 10
- Free Kicks (coups de pied arrêtés) 18 -> 20
- Dribbling (dribble) 15 -> 19
- Marking (marquage) 17 -> 20


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this question is about coaches:

if you use/have too many coaches for just one training schedule, is that worser than having lesser coaches?


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Dave's training schedule is great, look what it did to Kim, he turned into a beast. :rockman:

Not many green arrows like there was last season, I think his potential is fulfilled, this is someone I paid £140k for. (Y)

He hasn't had a start this season for my Cannes side, I always favour Milak and Tsigalko.

I'm off, game of footie to play in the morning. (H)


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Topic closed, as there seems to be no more discussion possible...

Sorry Dave.

*re-opened after cleansing*

let's keep it open


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It hasn't really got a name, just DC for the DC's, SC for the SC's, DRL for the DR or DL's etc. It's currently in development & I'm currently tweaking it. I ope to be manager of Brøndby soon so I'll be changing clubs soon (Y)


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I am new to CM4 so pardon me if my questions sounds stupid but i have to ask them to understand the game better.

1. in CM4, the green/red arrows appear in the traing schedule and not along with player stats as shown in the screenshots here. so how can i identify the areas in which the player is improving or degrading?

2. if a player improves in a skill, will his stat change?
3. how long does it take for training to show its effects?
4. which attributes of a coach are important for fast development of a player?
5.can each player has his own separate training schedule? if yes, how? (someone replied this to me earlier but i could not understand it.)