Daves v1.1 Training Schedule


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Here is the new training schedule:

1) Dave's Schedule v1.1 - For the first team only (or players in reserve >30 y.o)
2) Dave's GK v1.1 - Exactly what it says on the tin
3) Dave's U23's v1.0 - A new schedule for the youths and reserves (reserves up to 30 - it is called U23 as I usually sell players who are older than 23 in my reserves)

- Tweak it for your team: this works fine at Liverpool with my players, my coaches and my physios, but will it work as well for you at Everton/Accrington Stanley?
- Get coaches who are +15 in outfield/GK (perferably both): If you havn't got any, do a filtered search on staff search.
- For the U23's make sure that your coaches/physios have +15 for Working with Youngsters

Here they are in their full glory:


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Ex. 3: Kilgallon

Other examples I have are: (post if you want to see any of them)
- Rob Davis (DM youth player)
- El-Hadji Diouf (AM)
- Patrice Evra (DL)
- Florent Sinama-Pongolle (SC)
- Steven Gerrard (DM)
- Sami Hyypia (DC)
- Andrés Iniesta (DM)
- Harry Kewell (AM)
- David Raven (DC youth player)
- José Antonio Reyes (SC)
- Ritchie Partridge (AM)
- John Welsh (DM)
- Ryan Wilkie (AM youth player)
- Chris Kirkland (GK)
- Paul Lancaster (GK youth player)

BTW I didn't take these screenshots at a week where they had a lot of green arrows! They were taken at random times!


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not a bad schedule, but looks very defensive oriented. my squad is mostly offfense as i hold them to gung ho and an attackin formation. can u post some goalkeeper screenies?


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I like my own schedule better. :hump:

Seems to work quite well for you. I think training differs for each team.... besides, coaches and training facilities do matter.


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The mental stats are quite tricky. The player's performances in matches affect this, and as neither are Captains, their influence falls. Hyypia and Gerrard, for example, retain 20 influence because they are vice captain/captain.

It's quite tricky to raise attacking stats, as Overload (attack) and Set Pieces (attack) raise defence more than attack. The only options are Shooting and Heading, but both only bring a small increase and it it better to use Overload (defence) for a better overall change.

I assure you that the attack works though: here is FSP!


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And why should he show his schedules than:confused: No point in lying about that.

i also think Dave is a more respected member as you, so before saying this have some prove:kader:


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Here is the real Florent Sinama-Pongolle here i have used MCM to put his ability the same as his potential ability so please explain how Dave's training has made him better than his potential?



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He is pot. 185 in my game?

Don't ask me about Owen both footed. Now you point it out, it is kinda strange. I aint used to editor due to the fact that it screws up games. I have seen players' feet (lol) improving, once you play for long enough. Some players seem to improve more rapidly, I guess it's how much it gets used in games.

In my old game I had Gerrard both footed and Le Tallec, and even Kirkland managed to use his other foot once in a while!

Another tip is to play players as much as possible - first team games make all the difference when improving youngsters with a big future.

Here's Kirko for the person ages ago who wanted it!