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ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.9, Metric System,.. ) - TU17.1


Club Supporter
Update for the future of theses mods
I no longer have the time to further develop these mods or adjust them for the title updates from EA. They are supported up to TU 13. TU 14 has a few menu adjustments from EA (due to the Women's World Cup), and this mod needs to be adjusted accordingly. It should be easy for regular modders with some experience to make the necessary adjustments for TU 14. That's why I am releasing the project files for these mods.

Better Menu Mod 1.7 - Project:

Download: MediaFire

Custom Format (for english language) 1.0 - Project:

Download: MediaFire
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Club Supporter

I really hoped someone would be able to update that. I found a little time and updated it myself. I have to admit that it was a little harder than expected, but here it is.

Better Menu Mod 1.8 TU14.1:

Download: MediaFire

Custom Format (for english language) 1.0 TU14.1:

Download: MediaFire
thank you so much
If possible, could you share the project files for the next update when you're busy?
I tried to update it, but in the career menu, only two icons were displayed, player edit and team transfer, and there was a problem with team edit disappearing. I was in the process of fixing that.
I had the same problem as the picture, so I was trying various things to fix it.


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