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  1. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] Emran's Classic Patch 14 Themes

    In collaboration with @V.K , I am making FIFA 14 themes based on international tournaments. Here is the index/plan of the themes I will make: World Cup FIFA World Cup 2006 FIFA World Cup 2010 FIFA World Cup 2014 FIFA World Cup 2018 FIFA World Cup 2022 UEFA Euro UEFA Euro 2008 UEFA Euro 2012...
  2. F

    Edit menu language?

    How to edit a language that is not available from fifa official? Using what tool? I want to change only the menu language, is that possible? , Thanks
  3. himre20

    Edit player, save, go back to main menu. Is there a mod that fixes this?

    It would also save a lot of time if the game would only throw back to the team selection after the save. Does anyone know of a solution to this or should this be accepted as it is?
  4. L

    FIFA 23 New Font And Language

    Hi, I'm trying to insert new font to FIFA to be able to translate menus to Hebrew. I succeeds to import new font by replacing the exits EA fonts files and edit texts in db. But unfortunately it's not working well. This is the results: Someone knows if I need to do one more step to make it...
  5. A

    Menu Tiles Editing Tutorial

    Can anyone do a tutorial on editing menu tiles? i know I've seen one before but I can't find it. If you have, please send it to me.
  6. L

    How to edit FIFA 14 menu/interface?

    hi team i am new, i would like to know the tools i would need to be able to create my own menu/interface/theme for fifa 14. i have no mod knowledge as i said i am new.
  7. ClubberClay

    ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.9, Metric System,.. ) - TU17.1

    Better Menu Mod for FIFA 23 My goal was to make the menu in career mode more usability friendly. Features in career mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Swapped "Press conference" button with "Play match" button -Added under "Customise": Edit Teams...
  8. M

    Old Menu Style (Ronaldo)?

    Is there a way to get the old menu back?: i like it better than the new one maybe deleting a file from the patch-folder or something? as it was added in an update