1. F

    Edit menu language?

    How to edit a language that is not available from fifa official? Using what tool? I want to change only the menu language, is that possible? , Thanks
  2. himre20

    Edit player, save, go back to main menu. Is there a mod that fixes this?

    It would also save a lot of time if the game would only throw back to the team selection after the save. Does anyone know of a solution to this or should this be accepted as it is?
  3. L

    FIFA 23 New Font And Language

    Hi, I'm trying to insert new font to FIFA to be able to translate menus to Hebrew. I succeeds to import new font by replacing the exits EA fonts files and edit texts in db. But unfortunately it's not working well. This is the results: Someone knows if I need to do one more step to make it...
  4. A

    Menu Tiles Editing Tutorial

    Can anyone do a tutorial on editing menu tiles? i know I've seen one before but I can't find it. If you have, please send it to me.
  5. L

    How to edit FIFA 14 menu/interface?

    hi team i am new, i would like to know the tools i would need to be able to create my own menu/interface/theme for fifa 14. i have no mod knowledge as i said i am new.
  6. ClubberClay

    ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.9, Metric System,.. ) - TU17.1

    Better Menu Mod for FIFA 23 My goal was to make the menu in career mode more usability friendly. Features in career mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Swapped "Press conference" button with "Play match" button -Added under "Customise": Edit Teams...
  7. M

    Old Menu Style (Ronaldo)?

    Is there a way to get the old menu back?: i like it better than the new one maybe deleting a file from the patch-folder or something? as it was added in an update