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  1. DeBuDDi

    Minifaces, Splashscreen, Graphics, etc

    All mod will upload to free file hosting website like mediafire . com drive.google .com pixeldrain .com 1fichier .com qiwi .gg index (reserved)
  2. PepeL

    Problem with texture display. (LE)

    Can you tell me how to fix the graphics in the live editor? SCREENSHOT
  3. kaboom

    Help me create a scoreboard

    Can someone create this scoreboard for me? If it's necessary I'll compensate your work, thank you very much.
  4. enzo_g

    Graphics by Enzo

    Hello everyone! In this thread, i'm gonna post every graphic that i have made and i want to do for FIFA 16, like Movies, Scoreboards, Trophies, or anything else. Hope you guys like it!
  5. ClubberClay

    ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.9, Metric System,.. ) - TU17.1

    Better Menu Mod for FIFA 23 My goal was to make the menu in career mode more usability friendly. Features in career mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Swapped "Press conference" button with "Play match" button -Added under "Customise": Edit Teams...
  6. xDarkohhh

    Sky Sports TV Overlay by xDarkohhh

    Sky Sports TV Overlay by xDarkohhh Includes: - General Sky Sports TV Overlay - Custom Premier League Sky Sports TV Overlay - Custom Bundesliga Sky Sports TV Overlay Any feedback or ideas would be much appreciated. Working on last FIFA 22 Update. Download Link...
  7. M

    (FIFA 22) (TU9) Replace all generic scoreboards,line up graphics etc. with the Champions league one

    Very bad title ik but idk how to call it else Works 95% with TU9 https://www.mediafire.com/file/s4bppk1ryxpn3tv/Replace_all_Generic_Overlay%2527s_with_the_Champions_League_One.zip/file
  8. shone90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    > FREE MODS Project - LONG INFO < This thread is a list of Mods currently in the making from various authors around the Soccer Gaming. They all need whatever help you can offer so we can all work togheter as a community and make Fifa Mods/Patches FREE for everyone to use ! Bellow is the list...
  9. D

    Goal Nets

    Hello peeps! I know this is late but as FIFA 21 isnt much different from 20. I will be sticking with FIFA 20. I have been looking into different goal nets and came across this style (which i personally prefer): The nets are very tight and as such, the bottom of the net is raised slightly. Add...
  10. Papinho81

    Graphic NVIDIA Freestyle or Reshade mod

    Here is a small mod that can improve the look of your game, without departing too much from the default game look. It is a shader based mod that does use very little GPU and CPU resources, as it is simply based on Look up table (LUT) that I made with photoshop using many screenshots from...
  11. Dmitri

    FIFA 11 (PC) file formats resarch - RenderWare 4.5 assets

    This thread is for sharing information about FIFA 11 files researching. At the moment we know that FIFA 11 uses RenderWare 4.5 graphics engine. This engine was used in some other EA games (SimCity, NFS MW 2012). Most of FIFA 11 assets are .RX3 files, but they are not same with FIFA 12 and...
  12. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    Hey guys, I just want to make some layouts for the community, just as this one I did for Zoken of Bor. Dortmund. If you have any request, just comment here, send some images if possible, and I'll make the fastest I can! BVB graphics mod 1.0...
  13. Alan23

    Help me create a scoreboard please !!

    Hi guys, I need your help creating the Liga do Brasil scoreboard. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful. (I'm very layman about edits)

    Scoreboard King's Cup (LACOPA DEL REY) HELP | FIFA 14

    Hi guys, my first post in soccergaming, I mean a scoreboard and a (THE KING CUP), but I have a problem with colors of scoreboard (time, scores, house away) so I have seen that it can be changed with Flex Editor xHEditor, but when trying to change the files ******FF and regenerate, return to the...
  15. G

    FIFA 18/19 INTEL HD 5500 DRIVERS.

    Hello, I have a notebook with an intel hd 5500 and play fifa 18 without many problems. but I want to play fifa 19 and the pitch is black. I searched extensively on the internet and saw that this was a driver problem. so I tried to upgrade, but intel does not update the drivers of this integrated...
  16. fujimaru911

    PES 2019 | All Players Realism Details Tattoos ft. Messi, Coutinho, Beckham, Icardi | Fujimarupes

    PES 2019 | All Players Realism Details Tattoos ft. Messi, Coutinho, Beckham, Icardi | Fujimarupes I make videos game tribute/ montage... special PES & FIFA. Hope u like my video and will suport me. Thank You :D Like - Share - Comment - SUBSCRIBE if u like my video. :D
  17. fujimaru911

    PES 2019 | CRAZY Realism and Details #3 | Fujimarupes

    PES 2019 | CRAZY Realism and Details #3 | Fujimarupes I make videos game tribute/ montage... special PES & FIFA. Hope u like my video and will suport me. Thank You :D Like - Share - Comment - SUBSCRIBE if u like my video. :D
  18. M


    Hi all , How can i edit the wipe3d graphics ?
  19. afwan

    Manchester United Megastore

    Welcome to United Direct The Official Manchester United Online Megastore just opened! INDEX Old Trafford Player Bench Manchester United Club Flags Manchester United Away Kit 18/19
  20. D

    UEFA CL Graphics

    Good day, this forum is great, I'm trying to do my mod for the UEFA CLbut I'm missign some textures, can someone help me with the balls textures in dds or png any other graphic will be highly appreciate, thanks