Chelsea F.C [2009-2010]

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Red Card - Life
Life Ban

Stamford Bridge

Owner - Roman Abramovic
Chief Executive - Ron Gourlay
Chairman - Bruce Buck
Manager - Carlo Ancelotti

The Squad

1- Petr Čech
2- Branislav Ivanović
3- Ashley Cole
5- Michael Essien
6- Ricardo Carvalho
7- Andriy Shevchenko
8- Frank Lampard
10- Joe Cole
11- Didier Drogba
12- John Obi Mikel
13- Michael Ballack
15- Florent Malouda
17- José Bosingwa
18- Yuri Zhirkov
19- Paulo Ferreira
20- Deco
21- Salomon Kalou
22- Ross Turnbull
23- Daniel Sturridge
24- Nemanja Matić
26- John Terry
33- Alex
35- Julliano Belletti
39- Nicolas Anelka
40- Henrique Hilário
41- Sam Hutchinson
42- Michael Mancienne

Transfers In:

Yuri Zhirkov - CSKA Moscow (18m)
Daniel Sturridge - Manchester City (TBD)
Ross Turnbull - Middlesbrough (Free)
Andriy Shevchenko - Milan (Loan Return)
Nemanja Matic - MFK Kosice (1.75m)

Transfers Out:

Ben Sahar - Espanyol (1m)
Andriy Shevchenko - Dinamo Kiev (?)
Claudio Pizarro - Werder Bremen (?)
Shaun Cummings - Reading (Free)
Jimmy Smith - Leyton Orient (Free)
Frank Nouble - West Ham (Free)
Morten Nielsen - AZ Alkmaar (Free)
Sergio Tejera - Real Mallorca (Free)
Slobodan Rajkovic - FC Twente (Loan)
Tom Taiwo - Carlisle Utd. (Loan)
Ryan Bertrand - Reading (Loan)
Lee Sawyer - Southend (Loan)
Miroslav Stoch - FC Twente (Loan)
Franco Di Santo - Blackburn (Loan)
Scott Sinclair - Wigan (Loan)
Patrick van Aanholt - Coventry City (Loan)
Carlos Cork - Coventry City (Loan)
Michael Mancienne - Wolverhampton (Loan)
Liam Bridcutt - Stockport (Loan)
Jacob Mellis - Southampton (Loan)



Senior Squad
I expect to move some deadwood from the club aka Deco, Paulo, Belletti, and possibly Kalou.

I feel for Kalou though, but he's inconsistent.

Excellent picture. ^


Senior Squad
I think we'll see Deco and Riccy living. Its a shame(for Riccy that is) but they've been indicating that they want to join back with Mourinho.
Belletti is still useful tho. Right-back and midfield back-up. And he's happy to play the part-time role.


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Siawash;2683939 said:
I expect to move some deadwood from the club aka Deco, Paulo, Belletti, and possibly Kalou.

I feel for Kalou though, but he's inconsistent.

Excellent picture. ^

Why Deco ? he is still a great player, Chelsea needs him!


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
I'd like to see Carvalho, Drogba and Kalou stay. Carvalho is one of our best players, and we can still get one or two good seasons out of him. Drogba is fantastic when on form, and Ancelotti will have to get him working well. Drogba might be a handful, and he has some attitude, but we don't have a solid replacement lined up. Kalou has got a lot of potential, it'd be a shame to see him go.

I like Paulo more than Belleti, but they're both aging and don't have that much quality. I'm fine with Ivanovic being the back-up RB, even if he doesn't offer that much in attack. I don't want him rotting on the bench waiting for 2 of Terry, Carvalho and Alex to get injured.

Don't really care about Deco, he had a few good gamers and then faded, and considering his age, we need someone better.

We really need some youth. I'd like to see Sahar/Di Santo getting some time now, as well as Mancienne and Stoch, etc. Madrid will be selling Huntelaar and possiby Sneijder this year, and we would be wise to snap them up instead of the 40-year-olds Ancelotti wants to bring in from Milan.

I'd like to see (replacements in parenthesis):

Cech (Hilario)
Bosingwa (Ivanovic) - Terry (Alex) - Carvalho (Mancienne) - Cole (Zhirkov?)
Essien (Ballack)
Lampard (Deco) - Mikel (Sneijder?)
Cole (Anelka) - Malouda (Kalou)
Drogba (Sahar/Di Santo/Huntelaar?)

We really lack depth, and with that squad, we'd only really have Ballack, Kalou, Anelka, Alex and Ivanovic as good players on the bench. We need to get a back-up player on the left, possibly Zhirkov who can play in Cole's and Malouda's positions. I think we need another good winger/midfielder/striker. It's not a matter of being weak in any position, but if one or two players get injured, we're screwed. Also, Hilario isn't much of a back-up for Cech, we should be looking at getting someone to cover for him, too. I dunno if Rhys Taylor is good enough to step up.


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**** Ferreira still plays for us? Forgot about him.

C'mon spend 300 million pounds on a yacht, you coulda bought us some Ribery's with that.


Youth Team
Deco and Riccy will leave, Drogba will single handedly win us the Champions league after his ban, and we'll get a load of players we've never heard of and play like ****... oh, and Shevchenko will win the goalden boot.


Senior Squad
Ferreira has done nothing wrong with us...he's happy with the backup role and will gladly do the job the manager gives him. I'm quite glad we've got someone like him in our squad.
And what's this fascination with Ribery? Frankly, I don't think we'll get him with all the other clubs linked with him.

I'll be glad if we get Aguero tho, young, already a superb player, yet still an unfinished product.


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That article is dodgy. We never made a bid for Kaka in the first place(look for the club statement I posted in our 08-09 thread), we were merely interested with him, we only asked about his availability, no astronomical bid(as claimed by the media) was made.

As an Englishmen of course he wants to see more superstars in the Premier League, that's why he made that statement, but some clubs have a very anti- British stance about them. Where they're rather sell to a rival league club rather than send him abroad to England. Take Valencia for example, if they sell Villa to Madrid, it'll only strengthen one of their rival clubs.

That being said, I don't think we're that interested in Villa to begin with, since Roman has made it clear that he won't fork out ludicrous amount of money to spend on a single player anymore.


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I just read from a article that Chelsea is going to bid a 42m offer for Villa. I can see him be good in the EPL. Hoepfully he doesnt get homesick.


Reserve Team
Well, Soccernet says Glen Johnson is going to Liverpool. Honestly, I dont think he was worth 18m.


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Kinda my point, I was making fun of the money involved. I really dont want Johnson back tbh. I mean, Rafa doesnt know what a full-back is aka Degen, Arbeloa, Dossena.
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