Changing Adboard Type Research


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i guess ludo is the only one who could know in how far old trafford is different that sw13 cant handle it :/


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somebody can tell me what the name software to change anfield adboard to electronic? i'm liverpudlian from indonesia BIGREDS. please how to change
or somebody upload the file and i just copy to my directory. sorry for my english :'( please


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Titogoal;3372469 said:
It is also possible without using 3d programs with only winhex and sw13 with the information given in this thread. I made this static Wembley-Version without using blender/rhino etc. First you import the hex fragment of a stadium with static ads and then you change the mapping in sw13, so you can chose for every ad in the stadium which slot of the texture is used individually.
if you want static to digital you import the hex code of a stadium with digital ads to the .rx3 of the static stadium and map every adboard to the same row of the texture by using a .dds template in sw13. however it takes a lot of time since its not very comfortable :(

Please, can anyone explain better this work ? I didn't manage to success till now...