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Career Mode 2006 Thread

Don Marinno

Youth Team
I don't know if it has happened to you, but as the years go by in the career mode a lot of the new players have the same name, for example as I was in my 8th year I searched in the transfer market for Faria Pimenta, and I found 9 pages with this name and that bothers me a lot, because the fun of the career mode of finding new players is lost, is there any way to change that?


Club Supporter
Long time since i last played, due to university stuff...

here is what happend since.

what a tragic ending to the last season.

i went all the way to final of CL, only to lose it to Lyon in penelties!
what a shock it was to lose this game like that after leading 1:0 allmost through all the game.

the german pokal was lost also in the semi-final to bayern. what a game it was...
three times i was ahead, three times they came back to equalize and then in the 84th minute they scored 4:3 to win the game, go up to the final and win the cup.

only one title was left for me and i did it.
i took the championship finnaly. i took it with 7 points lead and the celebrations were great.

this year i bought only one player. his name is Lucas Podolski...so far he is doing great.
(i am first in the league, first in my CL group stage and still in the cup - the date is end of november. still lot to go on)


Youth Team
thats awesome mate, i havn't even gotten my game yet (gettin it for christmas hopefully) but ur makin me wanna plaay so bad!


Reserve Team
i dont know if i want to tell how im doing in carrer mode cuz Asisoni make it look so exciting.. but anyway

I am in my second season with ManU i sold Van der Sar, Howard, Van nistelrooy, Scholes, Miller. I make a revolution in the club and start to buy younger players.
Diego Lopez from Real Madrid (GK)
A guy called Galindo from Mexico with skill 89 and 19 years old!! (GK)
Stillian Petrov from Celtic (MC)
Michael Ballack from B munich (well he is not too young but Munich want to sell him so i bought it)
Rafa Marquez from barcelona
and my new star striker Adebayor!!

So my regular 11 is

C Ronaldo-------JS Park


Rossi is progressing very well as Diego Lopez so i use to replace Rooney with Rossi at half times if the match is already solved. I like my bench and i think i have a very solid team with good reserves


Youth Team
i don't understand why people stack their teams, what's the point off dominating all your matches with all star players, wouldn't it be more thrilling to win a one nil match with one star and 10 decent players


Senior Squad
My squad after my 7th season..(3rd with Arsenal)
--------del Medo(89)-----------

i bought Baca (RB) for 9,000 ....85
after two seasons , he is a 93 and is only 22 years old!
then got Kerlon at 89 ... CAM
Black 19 years old... 85, after half a season he was a 90

-Arsenal already had Hleb and C.Ronaldo :)
i pretty much look for future stars...
i got this other player called Marchena...
he was 18 when i got him... with an 81
After a season and a half , he turned into a 90..
but still struggling to stay fit.. :rockman:


Senior Squad
C. Ronaldo is 76 on my game

and man u are midtable

looks like u guys love playing with the top teams

i prefer being the underdog

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Payukgcn said:
A guy called Galindo from Mexico with skill 89 and 19 years old!! (GK)
That's Oswaldo Sanchez's replacement at Chivas. You should've bought Memo Ochoa (he's only 69 as 19 year old but I increased his rating to 76...much more accurate)


Club Supporter
anders said:
are u really gonna continue posting everything that happenes in your game?? write a book next time...zzzzzzzzzzz

You got beat up a lot as a kid didn't you?

-Keep posting the stories mate. I love reading about other people's FIFA experience!


Reserve Team
I have trouble staying with one team. I keep restarting. I've only finished one season and that was with United, I came in first but I quit because it was too easy...now I wish I hadn't since I want to play the Champions League...... :)


Club Supporter

Hello friends. here is the story of my fourth season in borrusia dortmund.

i had a great season, i was leading the league, the scored were great and the atmosphire was amazing.
one thing that started to concern me was the money. from week to week it started to decline, and i dont know why.
i have only bought one player this season (lucas podolsky) and the budjet shouldnt decline that much.
anyway, the season was about to end, i was leading the league and the champions league final stages were on comming.
in the quarter final i got juventus.
first game i lost 1:0 at the delle alpi.
in the second game i was down 1:0 but then woke up and won 3:1 with an amazingly beutiful goal of alberto gilardino from 16 meters to the far uppewr post and in.

in the quarter final i got chelsea.
a double victory of 1:0 got me into the semi final.

deportivo la curuna...the first game at my home, full and crazy house, my team went into this game with all its might...we won them 5:0!!!
the next game at their home was just for the protocol and we won it as well, 3:1.
the final...
Borrusia Dortmund against Liverpool.
after last years defeat in the final, against lyon in penelties, i promised to myself that this year i am not going to lose.

everything was ready for the final to begin...what tension, what excitment. my players were ready to eat the ball for winning the cup after last years loss.

but then, i got a minus in the bank and got fired.
i could not believe this was the end. so pathetic.


Senior Squad
I'm in my fourth season overall.

First season, I came in second in Portugal with Boavista.
Second season, I won the MLS with San Jose.
Third season, I stayed at San Jose and had a 100% record, winning the league and the cup.

Now I am at Manchester United, which has been gutted.

When I arrived at the club, I was surprised to see many familiar faces, but not the ones who I expected.

GK: Howard
RB: Bisconti (23 year old right back)
CB: Silvestre
CB: O'Shea
LB: Heinze
RM: Ronaldo (c)
CM: Fletcher
CM: Park
LM: Richardson
ST: van Nistelrooy
ST: Solskjaer

-Ferdinand has been sold to Blackburn
-Van der Sar has retired
-Rooney has been sold to... VASCO DA GAMA
-Neville has retired
-Keane has retired (he's not at Celtic...)

So while players like Ferdinand and Rooney have been sold, players like Fortune have been kept at the club.

My first order of business was to get some depth in the midfield. At the time of my arrival, Gavin Rae was my first substitute in the center of the midfield. In his 30's, and not strong at all, he was only used in desperate situations. A young player, Taylor Hansen, was in his early 20's and had failed to develop into a good player. He was easily the weakest player at the club. Another failing of the scouts was Pelijinovac, a center back with poor marking and horrible pace. Overall, the club was in bad shape, although it was manageable.

My first order of business was sending a scout out to search for a midfielder. I ended up signing two: Paulo Gavilan, a strong-futured defensive midfielder, and Carlos Torres, a young right midfielder. Both of these players were cheap, and had good potential. Torres, obviously, was never going to break into the first team over Ronaldo, but he has proven to be a good backup. Gavilan has also proven to be decent in the midfield, although I have opted to use Smith and Fletcher in the center of the park for now.

My first match was against Inter, in a qualification match for the Champions League. I won the first leg 2-0, and lost the second 2-1, to go through.

The league started off well. I got off to a flying start, winning the first seven matches against some midtable clubs, before a 2-2 draw in the Manchester derby. I bounced back with a 5-0 drubbing of West Ham, all the while qualifying from the Champions League with I continued my winning ways with a comeback win against Liverpool, and then went on to establish a lead of a few points in the table. Since then, things have balanced out due to some key injuries (Ruud, Ronaldo, Fletcher, Park, O'Shea).

United were knocked out of the League Cup in the quarterfinals at the hands of Everton, but are still in the English Cup.

In January, I bought Ferdinand back from Blackburn to solidifiy the defense. Also, I bought a young Argentine center back named Roberto Fabian Crespo from Santos. Since then, he has proven himself worthy of a starting role alongside Ferdinand. Rae, Hansen, and Pelijinovac were all sold.

League Table: (Pts, W, D, L)
Manchester United: 62 19-5-5
Chelsea: 62 19-5-5
Liverpool: 56 16-8-5
Fulham: 15-11-3
Blackburn: 46 12-10-7
Tottenham: 46 14-4-11
Newcastle: 43 11-10-8
Villa: 43 10-13-6
Birmingham: 42 10-12-7
Arsenal: 40 11-7-11

Saha: 38
Ruud: 31
Fletcher: 14
Smith: 7
Rossi: 4
Solskjaer: 4
Gavilan: 2
Ronaldo: 1
Torres: 1
Ferdinand: 1
Bisconti: 1

Starting XI:

Formation: Flat 4-4-2

GK: Howard
RB: Brown
CB: Ferdinand
CB: Crespo
LB: Heinze (c)
RM: Ronaldo
CM: Smith
CM: Fletcher
LM: Park
ST: van Nistelrooy
ST: Saha

CB/LB/CM: O'Shea
RB: Bisconti
CDM: Gavilan
RM: Torres
ST/LM: Rossi


Youth Team
League Playoffs

Had not seen where any of you guys had been playing in the lower English leagues...so you might not be able to help. Right now I'm in my first season and have Blackpool solidly in at fifth in the first division...but looks like I could only get as high as second before the end of the season. In English football on the lower levels, spots three through six playoff for the remaining promotion spot. Does anybody know if those playoffs are in this game? If not...I'll have to have a great run in to get top three without getting my butt fired!

By the way...got the game just a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to stop playing it...gameplay is great...especially with Ock's or Billy's gameplay...and the career mode is a step up over last year's. Keeping the money coming in is challenging...and I like it.



Reserve Team
Right now I'm Hercules CF from the Spanish Segunda. Started off badly and was languishing in 21st place, when the board gave me 2000 pts, which was enough to buy a decent striker. Now my fortunes have turned and I'm up to 9th!


Club Supporter
Lower English Division Teams

My first season I managed Benfica and was fired after 8 games with a 6-1-1 record. For my second season I was with QPR. We finished second on the league and was promoted. There was no playoff to get into the Premiership.


Senior Squad
Season 4: Manchester United (first year in charge)

Match Day 38: The clouds rolled in over Stamford Bridge, perhaps foreshadowing the emotions of whoever came up short in this massive match. Chelsea, who knocked United out of the League Cup Semifinals in a penalty shootout, stood second in the table on 76 points. One spot ahead of them, the Red Devils shared the same 76 points. With both teams at 23-7-7, only a victory would do for Chelsea, while a draw would do nicely for United. Of course, a win would be the best way to end a good league campaign. However, the league was not in the bag yet, with many key injuries forcing United to play squad players in the starting lineup. In the prior match against Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a damaged metatarsal, and was set to be out for a couple of weeks. Earlier in the season, league-leader Louis Saha went down with spasms in the lower back. His return will be an untimely one, just five days after the Chelsea match. Also, first-choice midfielder Alan Smith suffered anterior cruciate ligament damage, and won't be back for a few more months.

Chelsea's main scoring threats marked their trade in the midfield. Frank Lampard and Joe Cole scored 25 and 24 goals, respectively. Robben and Essien both hit 14 on the season, while Damien Duff and striker Hernan Crespo had scored 12. Shaun Wright-Phillips was an ever-present threat, and the back four of Gallas, Del Horno, Terry, and Ferreira had accumulated a total of 8 goals between themselves, with an extra 2 from Carvalho. Petr Cech has established himself as one of the leading keepers in the world, miles above Tim Howard.

Manchester United Lineup:

GK: Tim Howard - 83
RB: Wes Brown - 83
CB: Rio Ferdinand - 93
CB: Roberto Fabian Crespo - 93
LB: Gabriel Heinze (c) - 86
RM: Carlos Torres - 77
CM: Darren Fletcher - 80
CDM: Paulo Gavilan - 73
LM: Park Ji Sung - 83
ST: Ruud van Nistelrooy - 95
ST: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 82

CB/LB/CM: John O'Shea - 84
CB/LB: Mikael Silvestre - 81
RB: Jelle Bisconti - 77
LM/CM: Kieran Richardson - 82
ST: Guissepe Rossi - 69
Chelsea Lineup:
GK: Petr Cech - 98
RB: Paulo Ferreira - 81
CB: John Terry - 90
CB: William Gallas - 85
LB: Asier del Horno - 80
CM: Ricardo Carvalho - 85
CM: Frank Lampard - 86
CM: Joe Cole - 86
RF: Damian Duff - 85
LF: Arjen Robben - 91
ST: Hernan Crespo - 86

This match will most certainly decide the outcome of the league. One thing is for certain, however. The Shield match will be between Chelsea and Manchester United.

It was Manchester United who enjoyed, but did not prosper from, early pressure. Two good chances in the first ten minutes forced fine saves from Cech, and a Fletcher header glanced narrowly over the far side of the net. Gavilan, in the 22nd minute, had a crack from 20 yards out, but the ball ended up sailing well wide. A few minutes later, Park Ji Sung picked up the ball from an overhit cross and lashed one that flew by the far post. The remainder of the half was primarily a midfield battle, with some nasty tackles flying between Essien and Gavilan. When it seemed that the half would end scoreless, Chelsea won a corner. The ball was whipped in by Robben, and met by the head of Essien. The ball beat Howard easily, but it was Heinze who was able to clear the ball off the line, resulting in the halftime whistle blowing.

The second half started off with little action. A tame shot from Park flew into the hands of Cech, but neither keeper had to touch the ball for quite some time. Then, in the 65th minute, Robben got hold of the ball on the left flank and sent in a high, looping cross to the penalty spot. Hernan Crespo was able to rise above Ferdinand, and drilled a skipping header past Tim Howard towards the bottom corner, and past the sliding Wes Brown. 1-0 Chelsea. If the score remained the same, the Blues would have the league to add to their English Cup.

Facing an uphill battle, United switched to a more attacking style of play, utilizing the wings more often. Immediately, it paid divedends. Solskjaer held the ball up 30 yards from goal, and played a support pass to Park, and then ran down the flank to receive a give-and-go ball. From near the touchline, Solskjaer whipped in a fierce cross towards van Nistelrooy. The Dutchman was able to outmuscle Asier del Horno, and unleashed a wicked first time volley. The shot seemed to be heading to the near post, where Cech was positioned, but at the six yard box, an unlikely anti-hero John Terry gave the ball the deflection that it needed to put the ball between Cech's legs. Just like that, United hit back in the 72nd minute. 1-1. United now held the league title, so long as they could fight off any late heroics from Chelsea. Earlier in the play, the right winger Torres took a knock, and was replaced by John O'Shea after the goal.

United did not intend to sit back and simply weather the storm. After a few minutes of good Chelsea pressure that saw Hernan Crespo cleanly tackled by Roberto Crespo just outside the box on a last ditch effort, the ball was cleared out to van Nistelrooy, who held the ball up and played a ball back to Gavilan. The Paraguayan midfield anchor then sprayed the ball down the right wing to the world's laziest utility player, John O'Shea. O'Shea ran unopposed down the flank and played a good short ball to van Nistelrooy, who turned off of Del Horno at the corner of the penalty area. From a decent enough angle, Ruud dispatched a good left footed shot towards the far post from around 15 yards out. The ball looked to be going in, but Cech stretched brilliantly to push the ball away. A great save, but not enough. The ball fell to the opposite corner of the six yard box, just feet from Solskjaer. The 37 year old won the ball and hit a hard drive to the near post of the empty net. Game over, surely there is no way Chelsea could come back to win when behind 2-1. But wait, Cech somehow scrambles to his feet and pulls off an even more astonishing and unorthodox save with the inside of his right forearm, this time putting the rebound to William Gallas who cleared the ball to safety. Game on, once again. Chelsea seemed invigorated by Cech's performance, and immediately stepped their game up. However, the United back four, and Gavilan, were up for the task. Gavilan blocked two Lampard perimeter shots within seconds of each other, and Roberto Fabian Crespo sacrificed a yellow card to take down Hernan Crespo near the half line to ensure that his fellow Argentine would not be allowed a breakaway on Tim Howard. It was in the 88th minute that Chelsea saw hope. Lampard played a nice give and go with Essien, and the Ghana international used his momentum to get past Ferdinand for a chance to win the game - and more importantly, the league. The midfielder hit a low shot that grazed Tim Howard's torso, and bounced towards the line with much of its original pace negated. It neared the line, until the captain, Gabriel Heinze, charged towards the ball and cleared it into the stands.

On the ensuing throw, Wes Brown was content to pick up a yellow card on a tackle near the corner flag, as Arjen Robben was about to hit a cross into the box. The Lampard free kick was headed away by Ferdinand, and hit up to Gavilan. He quickly played the ball to Solskjaer, who held the ball up until he spotted Gavilan making a run past him. With a nice stepover and a clever nutmegging backheel, Solskjaer played Gavilan into the corner, where he proceeded to shield the ball from two Chelsea players. He was finally fouled by Terry, and the free kick was played short for possession, with Gavilan again holding the ball up, this time winning a corner. Park was the recipient of the short ball, and after a few seconds of shielding, the whistle blew, much to the dismay of the blue crowd at Stamford Bridge.

The Sun: Champions! May 8, 2010

Manchester United ensured itself of a FA Premier League title today after playing the last game of the season. The club has dominated the season and has won fans across the country with its attractive, offensive style. Thousans of supporters cheered players and waved flags. "Champions! Champions!" they chanted. "We worked very hard for this. We've believed for a long time that we could take the league this season, and through hard work we've done it."


Youth Team
Lower League Playoffs

Hi Guys...

Barth...nice writing man!

I did find out that yes, there are playoffs in the English lower divisions. I came in fourth during the league 1 regular season with Blackpool in a very close race with about six other teams. The Tangerines won on the last day and there were wild celebrations going on on the field...so I thought something might be up. Indeed, when I advanced the game, the headline in the newspaper was "Playoffs Get Underway". Met up with fifth place Barnsley Town in the semi final...lost the home leg 0-1...but got two own goals (?!?) at Barnsley to pip the tie. The final matched Blackpool with sixth place Rotherham who had upset the number three team (can't remember who that was at the mo.) The only disappointment here was that the game was played in my home stadium...not the Millenium as it should be. It was a tight defensive struggle...only had five shots on goal all game (I usually get at least 12)...but in the 87th minute I finally got one of my three strikers free down the wing...and swung in the cross that Keighan Parker headed up over the goalie from close range...a 1-0 win and the League Playoff Cup. Good on field celebrations this year I might add.

My sponsor "Stimorol...the gum that only sounds like a banned substance" had a big tournament incentive in my contract...so I've had a lot of money to go shopping with ahead of my first season in the championship...but I have found that the transfer market is woefully barren. It sucks that you can only bid on the slim pickings the computer gives you. Can you not go out on your own and bid players from other teams? My scout did give me a good pick up when I was able to sign Marcus Shopp for my midfield.

Anyways...I have 5 points from my first three games in the new season...beating Norwich there, and drawing (Oh so many draws) the last two games with Fulham (yep, they're down) and Ipswich. My team chemistry is really going up now...approaching 60 as I have hung on to most of my best players from last season.

Hope some of this helps...look forward to reading more career mode happenings as they happen.



Senior Squad
Season Four: Manchester United

Wednesday, May 11, 2010

Just three days after the "triumphant" draw at Stamford Bridge, it was time Manchester United's biggest test of the season. Forget Chelsea, they were in the past. Forget the defeats to Bolton and Everton to be knocked out of the two domestic cups. It was time for the second leg of the Champions League Semi-Final, against AC Milan. The first match took place at Old Trafford, and the Italians came out strong with a 2-0 victory; goals from Seedorf and Shevchenko came in the second half. Now it was the second leg, at San Siro, and it would be a huge hill to climb for United.

Due to injuries, United were forced to field a team weaker than they would have liked. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Louis Saha, and Alan Smith all on the injury list, it was a lineup similar to the one that had drawn against Chelsea. However, Park Ji Sung was fatigued and replaced by Kieran Richardson at left midfield.

Manchester United Lineup:

GK: Tim Howard - 84
RB: Wes Brown - 83
CB: Rio Ferdinand - 93
CB: Roberto Fabian Crespo - 93
LB: Gabriel Heinze (c) - 86
RM: Carlos Torres - 77
CM: Darren Fletcher - 80
CDM: Paulo Gavilan - 74
LM: Kieran Richardson - 82
ST: Ruud van Nistelrooy - 95
ST: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 83


GK: Francisco Bravo - 65
CB/LB/CM: John O'Shea - 84
CB/LB: Mikael Silvestre - 81
RB: Jelli Bisconti - 77
CAM/LM/RM: Park Ji Sung - 84
ST: Guissepe Rossi - 69
ST: Louis Saha - INJURED

The Milan side were especially strong in the midfield, but their 3 man defense (3-1-4-2 formation) was weak in comparison to previous years. They still had Nesta remaining strong, but Kaladze was faltering in his age. The San Siro was packed and glowing with red smoke as Shevchenko received the ball on the kickoff. Game on.

The first stages of the game saw little goalscoring action, but an abundance of hard work in the midfield, with Fletcher and Gavilan mixing it up with the likes of Gattuso and Kaka. The ball was frequently won back by the team that had just given it up, and it seemed that the game would never truly find a flow, until the 32nd minute when Gavilan's sliding tackle on Nesta poked the ball through to Solskjaer, who hit the ball on the half-volley, forcing a good save - and hold - from Gelson. As the United midfield was pushed up, Gelson's long throw to Gattuso caught United outnumbered, and the situation became even more dangerous when Kaka received the ball with Shevchenko running between Ferdinand and Roberto Fabian Crespo. The ball was chipped over Ferdinand, and Shevchenko received the ball, but Crespo was able to outmuscle the Ukrainien and play a ball back to Howard, who found Heinze down the left side. Heinze then played a lovely switch over to the right winger Torres. Torres tore down the line and let in a nice cross between Nesta and Kaladze. Neither defender took the initiative, and Ruud van Nistelrooy was able to chest the ball down and volley past Gelson on the near post. 1-0, United. Things were looking better for the Red Devils, but they still had another goal to score just to level the score. The game slowed down even more after the goal, and it was 2-1 to Milan's advantage with just one half left to play.

The second half was completely opposite from the first. Milan took it to United, forcing a few good saves from Howard, and Kaka struck the post on a 20 yard free kick. At the 60th minute, Wes Brown got caught out of position and Clarence Seedorf was allowed room to shoot, and shoot he can. He unleashed a hard shot from the perimeter which had very little swerve, striking the post and finding the net to draw the match level. With only half an hour left, United needed two goals to advance to the finals, and they were also faced with the task of keeping Milan out.

Milan were content to play the ball around United, but it was in the 72nd minute when Darren Fletcher intercepted a Gattuso pass and chipped a long lob over the head of Torres. The right winger only had one man to beat, and he did so with a cheeky stepover. Bearing down on goal, he was about 10 yards out when he spotted Gelson off of his line, and chipped the ball over his head, but to his dismay the ball hit the crossbar. The chance seemed to be over, but the ball grazed the bottom of the bar and dropped into the net! 2-1 Manchester United, but 3-2 Milan in the longrun. After the goal, Jelli Bisconti was brought on in place of Wes Brown at right back. The young defender was eager to win the ball back, but perhaps a little too eager, as he clattered in on Shevchenko within minutes of arriving on the pitch. Despite his greatest protests, Urs Maier produced the red card, and Bisconti was off; United were left with ten! United now employed a 3-4-2 formation, with Crespo, Ferdinand, and Heinze at the back, all playing as center backs. This was no time to take a striker off!

Kaka hit his free kick dipping over the wall, but Howard was able to hold on to the ball with ease. He powered a kick up to Solskjaer, who laid the ball off for Fletcher. The Scot then played a throughball which, by luck, got through Kaladze. Van Nistelrooy took off to win the ball, while Nesta did his best to keep up. However, it was evident that the Dutchman would win the ball, and Nesta pulled him down a few yards outside of the box. Freekick, and a yellow card for Nesta. Up stepped van Nistelrooy to take the shot, facing a formidable five man wall. He took one last breath, and made his run up to the ball. Striking it hard and low, the ball came close to hitting the first man in the wall, but it bent itself around the near side of the wall, and swerved back on frame. Could it be?!?! Yes! The ball strikes the inside of the near post and bounces into the side netting on the far side! The goal came in the 85th minute, and it was 3-1 United; they were through on away goals!

Not content to give up, Milan stepped up their game in the closing minutes but the midfield pairing of Gavilan and Fletcher, along with the back three, put themselves about to ensure that United would play in the finals. Tackles crunching in the midfield, the whistle finally blew, and against conventional wisdom, Manchester United were through to the finals.