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Career Mode 2006 Thread


Club Supporter
My second season with Borrusia dortmund has just ended and it was the most crazy ending i have ever saw.
the league was very close. 4 teams in the bettle for the championship :
bayern munich, schalke 04, stutgart and borrusia that i play.

three weeks to the end of the season i play at home the big derby against schalke. a win and i am first if sttutgart loses and bayern loses points.
the game is very hard, chances are made for both sides, balls hit the bars but do not go in.
90th minute - jose antonio reyes takes the ball from 16 meters, passes through and is alone against chalke keeper...i take the shot and the keeper punches the ball right out of the box where kringe stands, he takes the ball and kick it into the box again and dede heads it in............gollllllllll...........1:0 in the derby, 90th minute and i am at first place!!!

the table now looks like this :

1. dortmund 66 points (minus one game)
2. schalke 64 points
3. stutgart 64 points
4. bayern 63 points

the next game, two weeks to the end could give me the championship. i was playing away against hannover who are in 11th place and play for nothing.
a win and i am champion.
the started to well...jan koller scored at the 7th minute and it looked great.
hannover played very hard and equalized at the 23th minute. 10 minutes after and they turn the game over - 1:2 to hannover. i was in shock.
i played very bad and only in the 86th minute i managed ti equalize the score-2:2 at the end.

i didnt win and missed the chance to celebrate the championship two weeks to the end, at an easy game.
luckly me, i was still first after this week :

1. dortmund 67 points
2. schalke 67 points
3. stutgart 67 points

the final game...i play home against werder bremen that are 9th in the league. only a win will assure my championship.
the starts and i attack them hard. 12th ,minute, tomas rosicky scores 1:0 for us. the championship is getting closer.
werder bremen start presurising me and they score at the 41th minute.
half time 1:1.
in the second half they game is crazy, lot of chances for both team, but then, in the 75th minute, klose does it and scores 1:2 to them.
i try to equalize but can not, and i lose the game at home.
no championship for me this season.
our bitter rival schalke 04 wins the league :

1. schalke 68 points
2. stutgart 68 points
3. dortmund 67 points

a few days after i play in the german cup final and win 5:2 against bayer leverkusen.
at least i hold the cup.


Club Supporter
...And the drama continues

Hello all.
the third season as manager of Borrusia Dortmund has started.
after the painful loss of the championship at the last week of the season, i have decided to let jan koller go to sttutgart and bring a younger strkier to the team. the name that came up was one : Alberto Gilardino of Milan.
after t-mobile, the sponser of team had gave me a nice cup reward, the wallet is open and Gilardino got an offer he could not refuse.
the striker lineup of my team is based on Jose antonio reyes who was the league top scorer of the last year with 24 goals, and now Alberto Gilardino.

All eyes of the supporters and the board are looking on the qualifying round of the champions league. the two games are against Inter...
the first game at home was one sided. i had so many chances but only one got in. 1:0 at home and now the task is very difficult at san siro.
Inter started very strong and the goals came one after the other.
1:0 by adriano, 2:0 by martins and 3:0 of figo at half time. i was very frustrated about the chances i missed in the first game at home.
second half starts and these will be the most important 45 minutes of year.
56th minute, Jose antonio reyes takes the ball from 30 meters, goes through one defender and puts the ball in the bar and in. 3:1. now all i need is one goal and i am through.
i continue to press and i get a corner kick 10 minutes to the end. kringe curves the ball in the box and who if not the milanesi Gilardino, from five meters kicks it in!!! 3:2!!! a privete derby for him, and he scores such an important goal!!!
inter press untill the end but metzelder and worms do the job great and the score remains 3:2 untill the end!

i am in the group phase!!!
ohhhhhh what a game and what a sweet result!!!
allthough the commentator said the "it wasnt enough and they lost the game" i knew it was enough and now i am in one group with Ajax, Benfica and Rapid Viena.

what a start to the season.


Youth Team
are u really gonna continue posting everything that happenes in your game?? write a book next time...zzzzzzzzzzz


Club Supporter
i wont post anymore if it annoys you people.
please forgive me, i just wanted to share the story.
Career Mode 2006 Thread

We did this for FIFA 2005, and it had a lot of sucess, so I decided to make one for 2006. Here you can post your career mode stories, like transfers, games, wrap -up of a season, anyhting pretty much dealing with career mode and feel freee to ask questions too. Last year some people made some things up to make their career stories more interesting, but dont take it too far.
We had a whole thread for this last year for 2005 where people could write stores about their careers. I twas called the Career mode thread. some got very interseting while posting screenshots of everything. Some added some things to the stories just to make in even more interseting also. So keep it up, who cares what.

I will create one for 2006, so everyone can post about it.


Club Supporter
Thanks for the understanding.

i think it would be nice to see what other managers do in this game.
sorry i can not post no photos from mine, i play in PS2.


Club Supporter
Good times in dortmund.
the team is at second place in the bundsliga, alberto gilardino and jose antonio reyes leads the league scorers.
in the champions league the team is leading the group with 10 points after 4 games.
the last game was at home against ajax. gilardino and reyes were on the bench, they had to get some rest.
nunez ( a talent my scout brought from brasil last year) and luca toni started and they didnt manage to score.
at the 72th minute it is ajax who scores and it was a big shock for all the supporters.
in that minute reyes and gilardino stood up from the bench and were about to get in the game to save the day.
luca toni goes out, and i play with 3 strikers.
at the 79th minute gilardino scores a great goal from 18 meters.
in the 86th minute the game is dicided with a great goal of reyes...
2-1 to dortmund and the team is through to the next stage in the champions league.
the teams regular 11 are :




carlos alberto



Youth Team
Just a question do your sponsors get better after every season like with Real madrd and my sponsor is paying me like approximately 5000 for my salary will that go up next year?

And just out ov curiousity whats everyones team chemistry mine is 86
im on my 4th season
with 93 attack 94 midfield and 90 defence


Club Supporter
I have the same sponsor for three seasons now (T-MOBILE) and i have not seen any change in their offers.

my team chemistry is now 77. attack is 94(gilardino is leading the league scorers easly with 26 goals and i am in week 19 now)
midfield is 92(carlos alberto is an amazing player and very cheap to buy)
defense is 89(weindfeler, metzelder and worms are the backbone of my team)


Youth Team
HAHAAh my team chem is now 93
Attack 93 Robinho is stuck at 97 and wont reach 98 so pissing me off
Midfield 94 Johanna which is just some kid my scout picked up is now 98 with another young star at 96
And Defence 86 lost 2 of my 3 defenders due to retirement and now only have woodgate and two crappy defenders but everything is looking up becauz they keep getting better with every match that passes bt :) :)


Youth Team
My team chem is now 99 i love my team except that the difficulty and that difficult anymore i dont know just finding Fifa abit to easy im finding it way more fun and enjoyable multiplayer