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BR7 Faces

BR7 Mods

Club Supporter
Messi WIP :D

BR7 Mods

Club Supporter
yes at last someone doing a Messi Face update, also could you add the clean shaved one for messi please BR7? thanks and btw that Messi face is looking sooo good ! can't wait to see what the completed face look like..
yeah i'll make that one too :D

BR7 Mods

Club Supporter
My Requests and faces that need to be released


Sir Alex Ferguson(MUST)
Ionut Radu V2
Conor Gallaghar
Billy Gilmour
Mason Greenwood
Erling Haaland
Reece James V2
Roberto Firmino ( 60% Completed)
Felipe Vizeu
Demiral ( 95% Completed )
Ethan Ampadu ( 90% Completed
Frenkie De Jong ( 70% Completed )
Robertson ( 90% Completed )
Lucas Moura
Jake Bidwell V2
Olimpiu Morutan ( 95% Completed )
Cody Gakpo
Jonas Svensson
Rick van Drongelen
Bakery Jatta
David De Gea
James Wilson


Neymar Blonde Hair
Van Dijk
Mikel Arteta
Boubacar Kamara
Cristian Ferreira
Exequiel Palacios
Smith Rowe
CR7 World Cup
Messi (No Hair Model Found :( )
Marcus Rashford V2
Juan Castillo
Ivan Perisic
Ter Stegen
De Ligt
Pedro De La Vega
Ernesto ( Valverde Not needed i guess XD )
Moussa Diaby



Club Supporter
Hey BR7.

Is there a chance you will create 2 danish managers.

Brian Priske, FC Midtjylland.
Ståle Solbakken, FC København (FC Copenhagen).

Player request is Victor Lindelöef and Marcus Radhord with tattoos.


  • brian_priske.jpg
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  • 161101_staalesolbakken.jpg
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Red Card - Life
Life Ban
good day BR7 Mods please help me change the face of Kevin Kuranyi for a more realistic I want to appoint him Manager of FC Stuttgart thank you in advance


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
I'm not writing to you so don't be rude to me I'm just asking you to fulfill my request I hope our world is not unfriendly people


Youth Team
I'm not writing to you so don't be rude to me I'm just asking you to fulfill my request I hope our world is not unfriendly people
I'm not rude to you mate. It's an advice, don't spam every threads with your request, or you'll have to accept the consequences ;) (BTW I think I was a little bit friendly to you. I fulfilled a lot of your requests so don't say stupid things about me. I said no to some, because I don't want to do them. Take it easy)