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  1. D

    How make hair thickier?

    Hello.Im trying to do a hair for a mod but the hair in game is so thin.Which parameter can i edit for make it thickier??Thanks
  2. Fatalinho

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Hey guys ! There is my mod ! I've converted a lot of older FIFA faces to FIFA 20 ! Enjoy ! To install them, it’s simple : Put the .fbmod files in FrostyModManager by clicking « Import Mod » and « Applying mod » Thanks to Live Editor or RDBM, change the Head Asset ID of the player on which...
  3. BR7 Mods

    BR7 Faces

    Hi guys i started modding in Fifa 19 just now created a thread in soccergaming
  4. PhilBrooksRFA

    PhilBrooks's Face Mod

    Hey guys! I will post my mods here from now on. You can download them from the youtube links! I won't be able to take any request but I will try bring some quality here. Daniele De Rossi, AS Roma (Possibly, Boca Juniors?)