Argentinian Football 12/13 Season All Leagues


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As far as i understand, generally, when you get the unhandled exception, it is because either some of the zdatas have become too big or the fifa.fat file itself is larger than 299 kb, unless you where lucky to download the unlimited fat file before it was deleted from all servers :-(

In the CM, under Options, choose "specific Zdata" and assign it to an unused number. As you load the cmps, keep checking that the corresponding zdata file doesn´t exceed the 100 kb threshold. Once it get close to that size, change the specific zdata to the next number, and so on.

With the stadiums, I strongly recommend installing them one by one rather than the whole chunk at once. Perhaps it should be the last thing to install as well.

I remember using File Master to erase from zdatas all generic team logos and kits from leagues and teams I didn´t care about. That helped a lot. Otherwise the whole thing can be too much data to handle.


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The way I created it, for those who like to play fifa 13 in season mode. just a mini relegation fantasy tournament where the winner of each leg automatically ....