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Hi, everyone


For all of you fans of Argie football I uploaded the cmp files with the formations as of december 2012 of the 7 main divisions of the Argentinian Football System, as well as some unaffiliated teams and the "Torneo del Interior" which is the 5th division outside of the Buenos Aires Metro Area.

Since I'm very far from being a pro with kit designs and other editing skills, i took the liberty to collect my preferred kits from renown kit masters such as Emiliano Videla, Nazareno Oviedo and other regular contributors to Fifa-Argentina and other latin american EA FIFA fan websites.

Here are the contents of each cmp:

Primera A: (The top league, teams with no reference in parentheses are from Central Buenos Aires also known as the Federal Capital or the Autonomous City of BA :bwtf:)

River Plate
Argentinos Jrs
Velez Sarsfield
All Boys
San Lorenzo
Tigre (Victoria)
Arsenal (Sarandi)
Lanus (Lanus)
Quilmes (Quilmes)
Estudiantes (La Plata)
Racing (Avellaneda)
Independiente (Avellaneda)
Newell's Old Boys (Rosario)
San Martin (San Juan) *
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (Mendoza) *
Colon (Santa Fe)
Union (Santa Fe)
Belgrano (Cordoba) *
Atletico Rafaela (Rafaela) *

This season the Argentinian FA decided yet another change in the format of the competition. Two separate rounds of one game against each team as before, but this time instead of the winners of each round crowning as champions there will be a final between the two that would define the season's champion. Three teams will be relegated to 2nd division this time, but based on the past three seasons "average" performance. This made it a bit difficult to configure in FIFA even with the very resourceful tools of CM10. The way I created it, for those who like to play in season mode. just a mini relegation fantasy tournament where the winner of each leg automatically saves his spot and the looser keeps on playing until the final play-off to decide who's relegated. Hope you dig it :D

Nacional B: (Unified 2nd Division)

Ferro Carril Oeste
Nueva Chicago
Rosario Central (Rosario)
Gimnasia y Esgrima (Jujuy) *
Gimnasia y Esgrima (La Plata)
Banfield (Banfield)
Olimpo (Bahia Blanca) *
Independiente Rivadavia (Mendoza) *
Deportivo Merlo (Merlo)
Boca Unidos (Corrientes) *
Crucero del Norte (Garupa) *
Patronato (Parana) *
Atletico Tucuman (Tucuman) *
Douglas Haig (Pergamino) *
Sarmiento (Junin)
Defensa y Justicia (Florencio Varela)
Almirante Brown (Isidro Casanova)
Instituto (Cordoba) *
Aldosivi (Mar del Plata) *

The Nacional B now allows the three top teams of the league to promote directly to Primera Division. About the relegation, it's a bit more complicated and impossible to accurately emulate in FIFA. Teams marked with the star (*) are regarded by the Argie FA as "not directly affiliated". A very bizarre and outdated category that doesn't make much sense but it's still in effect anyway. The top two leagues unify these teams with the "directly affiliated" but from the 3rd level down they are separated, resulting in two parallel 3rd, 4th and 5th levels. Therefore, the relegation system in Nacional B depends actually on the teams affiliation status. FIFA 10 has no way to mark this, therefore I just put teams in the 18th and 20th position to relegate to Primera B Metropolitana (where the directly affiliated teams go) and teams in the 17th and 19th to relegate to Argentino A (where the not directly affiliated teams go)

Primera B Metropolitana (3rd division for teams, mainly although not necessarily from the Buenos Aires 18 million inhabitants metro area)

Defensores de Belgrano
San Telmo
Barracas Central
Platense (Vicente Lopez)
Chacarita (San Martin)
Estudiantes (Caseros)
Villa San Carlos (Berisso)
Deportivo Moron (Moron)
Temperley (Temperley)
Los Andes (Lomas de Zamora)
Acassuso (Boulogne Sur Mer)
Almagro (Jose Ingenieros)
Central Cordoba (Rosario)
Flandria (Jauregui)
Colegiales (Munro)
Brown (Adrogue)
Deportivo Armenio (Ingeniero Maschwitz)
Villa Dalmine (Campana)
Tristan Suarez (Ezeiza)

Top team promotes to Nacional B, teams from 2nd to 5th place play a mini tournament where the winner also promotes directly. The two bottom teams are relegated to Primera C

Argentino A: (3rd division for teams not directly affiliated to AFA, the Argentinian FA, generally from outside the Buenos Aires Metro Area)

They divided this league in North Zone and South Zone, although some teams from the south are further up north in latitude than some of the north, but it's been a while that geography redesigns are very customary in Association Football all over the world and Argentina with its peculiar system couldn't be the exception.

North Zone:

Talleres (Cordoba)
Juventud Antoniana (Salta)
Central Norte (Salta)
Gimnasia y Tiro (Salta)
Alumni (Villa Maria)
Guarani Antonio Franco (Posadas)
Libertad (Sunchales)
Sportivo Belgrano (San Francisco) Cordoba province, not California, he
Racing (Cordoba)
Tiro Federal (Rosario)
San Martin (Tucuman)
Central Cordoba (Santiago del Estero)
San Jorge Junior (Tucuman)

South Zone:

Alvarado (Mar del Plata)
Defensores de Belgrano (Villa Ramallo)
Juventud Unida Universitario (San Luis de la Punta)
Ramon Santamarina (Tandil) now just "Santamarina"
Rivadavia (Lincoln)
Racing (Olavarria)
Gimnasia y Esgrima (Concepcion del Uruguay)
Deportivo Maipu (Mendoza)
Cipoletti (Rio Negro)
Sportivo Desamparados (San Juan)
Guillermo Brown (Puerto Madryn)
Atletico Union (Mar del Plata)

After each zone plays home and away round robin, a very bizarre, unnecessarily complicated and nonsensical format looms. The top 6 of the north and the top 5 of the south play a final league of only one round. The winner promotes to Nacional B. The rest, basically, face each other in about 9 rounds of play-offs between teams of both zones depending on the position the stand in their group league and final league. I managed to emulate the real tournament quite well, though. It's almost exactly as in reality. The winner of this play-offs also promotess directly to Nacional B. The teams that did not qualify to the final league, play what's called a revalidation group to either "revalidate" their chance to promotion or to skip relegation. The bottom team from each zone's revalidation group is relegated (did you get lost already :clapwap:), whereas the second before the last of each zone face each other in a thrillllling play-off to avoid the 3rd relegation slot.

Primera C: (4th level, mainly all teams from the BA Metro Area)

Fenix (Pilar) Although originally from the Colegiales neighborhood in Central BA
General Lamadrid
Deportivo Español
Lujan (Lujan)
Sportivo Dock Sud (Avellaneda)
Sportivo Italiano (Ciudad Evita) originally "Deportivo Italiano"
San Miguel (Los Polvorines)
Ferrocarril Urquiza (Villa Lynch) Now called UAI since privatized
Talleres (Remedios de Escalada San Martin)
Liniers (La Tablada)
Justo Jose de Urquiza (Loma Hermosa)
El Porvenir (Gerli)
Deportivo Laferrere (Laferrere)
Defensores Unidos (Zarate)
Defensores de Cambaceres (Ensenada)
Argentino (Merlo)
Berazategui (Berazategui)
Ferrocarril Midland (Libertad)

Top team promotes to Primera B Metropolitana. Teams placed from 2nd to 9th position play a mini play-off tournament where the winner also promotes to B Metro. The two bottom teams are relegated. (if only AFA would do a system similar to this for all its leagues... )

Argentino B: (Boy, this one is massive. 100 teams from all the vast argentinian territory compete in this 4th level league),

Zone 1: (Mainly north, north-west)

River Plate (Embarcacion)
Union Aconquija (Catamarca)
Güemes (Santiago del Estero)
Monterrico San Vicente (Palpala)
Talleres (Perico)
Mitre (Salta)
Mitre (Santiago del Estero)
Sportivo Fernandez (Santiago del Estero)
Sarmiento (La Banda)
Atletico Concepcion (Banda del Rio Sali)
Concepcion (Tucuman)
Deportivo Aguilares (Tucuman)
Famailla (Tucuman)
Altos Hornos Zapla (Palpala)

Zone 2: (Mainly west, north-west, the area known as Cuyo on the Andes Mountains)

Peñarol (San Juan) a team with the Nacional from Uruguay colors called Peñarol, ha
Union (Villa Krause)
Trinidad (San Juan)
Atletico Policial (Catamarca) they had to be blue and yellow, ha
Sportivo Del Bono (San Juan)
Americo Tesorieri (La Rioja)
Andino (La Rioja)
Sarmiento (Leones)
General Paz Juniors (Cordoba)
9 de Julio (Morteros)
San Lorenzo Alem (Catamarca)
Villa Cubas (Catamarca)
Tiro Federal (Morteros)
Juventud Alianza (San Juan)

Zone 3: (Mostly center-west)

Sportivo y Biblioteca Atenas (Rio IV)
Estudiantes (Rio IV)
Alvear (La Pampa)
Ferro Carril Oeste (General Pico)
Alianza (Coronel Moldes)
Gimnasia y Esgrima (Mendoza)
Andes Talleres (Mendoza)
Deportivo Guaymallen (Mendoza)
Gutierrez (Mendoza)
Huracan (San Rafael)
Huracan Las Heras (Mendoza)
Pacifico (General Alvear)
San Martin (Mendoza)
Estudiantes (San Luis)

Zone 4: (North east, what's called Litoral and north mesopotamia)

Chaco For Ever (Resistencia)
Deportivo Mandiyu (Corrientes)
Textil Mandiyu (Corrientes)
Fontana (Chaco)
Sarmiento (Resistencia)
Comunicaciones (Mercedes)
Huracan (Goya)
Colegiales (Concordia)
Sportivo Las Heras (Concordia)
San Martin (Formosa)
Sol de America (Formosa)
Sportivo Patria (Formosa)
Jorge Gibson Brown (Posadas)
Rosamonte (Apostoles)

Zone 5: (Center-east, the north Pampas and south mesopotamia area)

Atletico Parana (Parana)
Atletico Uruguay (Concepcion del Uruguay)
Belgrano (Parana)
La Emilia (San Nicolas)
Defensores de Pronunciamiento (Entre Rios)
Juventud Unida (Gualeguaychu)
9 de Julio (Rafaela)
Sportivo Ben Hur (Rafaela)
Jorge Newbery (Venado Tuerto)
Rivadavia (Venado Tuerto)
Sanjustino (San Justo, Santa Fe)
Union (Sunchales)
Sportivo (Las Parejas)
Atletico San Jorge (San Jorge)

Zone 6: (Buenos Aires province outside the BA Metro Area)

Villa Mitre (Bahia Blanca)
Argentino Agropecuario (Carlos Casares)
Bella Vista (Bahia Blanca)
Ferrocarril Sud (Olavarria)
Mercedes (Mercedes)
Villa Belgrano (Junin)
Tiro Federal (Bahia Blanca)
Once Tigres (9 de Juilio)
Liniers (Bahia Blanca)
Independiente (Chivilcoy)
Huracan (Tres Arroyos)
Grupo Universitario (Tandil)
El Linqueño (Lincoln)
Defensores (Salto)

Zone 7, Sub-Zone North: (Mostly north of the Patagonia region and center-south of the country)

Deportivo Patagones (Carmen de Patagones)
Alianza (Cutral-Co)
Independiente (Neuquen)
Deportivo Independiente (Rio Colorado)
Sol de Mayo (Viedma)
Maronese (Neuquen)
Cruz del Sur (Bariloche)
Deportivo Roca (Rio Negro)

Zone 7, Sub-Zone South: (South of the Patagonia region)

Huracan (Comodoro Rivadavia)
Sportivo Huracan (Gobernador Gregores)
Boca (Rio Gallegos)
Jorge Newbery (Comodoro Rivadavia)
Deportivo Madryn (Puerto Madryn)
Germinal (Rawson)
Racing (Trelew)
Comision de Actividades Infantiles (Comodoro Rivadavia)

Four teams from zones 1 to 6 advance to the 2nd stage, while the two top teams from each sub-zone in zone 7 advance as well. The best four of the 5th placed teams in groups 1 to 6 also advance. (for that I created a mini tournament) resulting in 32 teams for the 2nd stage, divided in 8 groups. The top teams of each group make it to the knock out stages accompanied by the best four 2nd placed teams (I created another mini-tournament to define this, he) The three teams that make it through the final will promote to the Argentino A tournament. The bottom 3 teams of zones 1-6 will be relegated to the Torneo del Interior, also the bottom teams of each sub-zone within zone 7. Both 7th placed teams of sub-zones 7 will face each other and the loser also gets relegated.

Primera D: (5th level, mostly from the Buenos Aires metro Area)

Deportivo Paraguayo
Deportivo Riestra
Juventud Unida (San Miguel)
Centro Español (Haedo)
Deportivo Muñiz (San Miguel)
Leandro Nisceforo Alem (General Rodriguez)
Atletico Lugano (Tapiales)
Victoriano Arenas (Valentin Alsina)
Puerto Nuevo (Campana)
San Martin (Burzaco)
Ituzaingo (Ituzaingo)
Claypole (Claypole)
Cañuelas (Cañuelas)
Argentino (Quilmes)
Argentino (Rosario)
Atlas (General Rodriguez) originally from the Palermo neighborhood in central BA)
Central Ballester (Jose Leon Suarez)

Top two teams promote to Primera C. Bottom team becomes disaffiliated from the FA for one season therefore unable to compete officially. The current team in this sad situation is Sportivo Barracas. Re-affiliation is automatic the next season

Torneo del Interior: (This 5th level tournament has 344 teams !! I selected arbitrarily the 21 strongest teams based on their performance in past seasons, geographic placements, and historical background)

Juventud (Pergamino)
Argentino (25 de Mayo)
Complejo Deportivo Teniente Origone (Justiniano Posse)
Independiente (Tandil)
Arsenal (Viale)
French (French)
Nueva Alianza (La Plata)
Union Güemes (Salta)
Union San Vicente (Cordoba)
Don Orione (Chaco)
Argentino (Mendoza)
Union Progresista (Chaco)
Kimberley (Mar del Plata)
Mutual Camioneros (Lujan)
Nautico Hacoaj (Tigre)
Palmira (Mendoza)
Centro de Empleados de Comercio (Mendoza)
Real Madrid (Rio Grande)
Herminio Arrieta (Jujuy)
Everton (La Plata)
Progreso (Rosario de la Frontera)

I created a straight forward league fantasy tournament, all these teams will promote to the Argentino B since in reality there are 21 promotions. Also in reality about 100 teams of the actual 344 are relegated to minor local leagues (no way I was gonna create that, ha)

Desafiliados (Unaffiliated): (Sportivo Barracas plus other old historical teams from Buenos Aires that disappeared or no longer have association football teams, I selected the ones that at least I could find some reference about)

Sportivo Barracas
Arsenal (Llavallol)
Defensores de Almagro
Sportivo Palermo

I created this fantasy league to allow a team to promote to the 5th level Primera D league. Except for Sportivo Barracas, all the other ones competed at some point in the past in AFA leagues but don´t exist anymore. Only one team promotes, in reality it will be Sportivo Barracas.

And to top it off here are the tournaments, adboards, referees and Stadiums. Teams without their own stadium patch were allocated to the nearest one or closest looking generic one.

Tournaments - 2012/13 Season Format:
Referres: (this ref's patch is not updated, it's actually from 2010)

And here's the audio of those damn gaucho hooligans or "barrabravas" as they are called :

Copy the contents to your audio folder in FIFA 10

For those who prefer to download from mediafire check the next page:

All cmps except for the audio will be available on that server for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy :)


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manu74;3401056 said:
minikit present's in to patch?

My apologies, I just noticed the cmp for Nacional B didn't have the minikits. I already re-uploaded it.

Teams from Primera A, B, C, D, Nacional B and Argentino A should also have their respective flags

Argentino B, Torneo del Interior and unafilliated teams have generic flags.

Minikits for the minor leages are taken from the picture feature in CM10


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manu74;3401071 said:
stadium created fifa 10 ..more stadium ???

Primera A:

- Monumental River Plate
- bombonera
- Jose Amalfitani
- Nuevo Gasometro
- Libertadores de America
- El Cilindro
- El Viaducto
- Centenario de Quilmes
- Unico de La Plata
- Fortaleza de Lanus
- Brigadier Lopez
- Coloso del Parque
- Islas Malvinas
- Monumental de Victoria
- Nuevo Monumental de Rafaela
- Chateau Carreras (old)
- Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza
- Diego Armando Maradona

Nacional B:

- Gigante de Arroyito
- Monumental de Alta Cordoba
- Juan Carlos Zerillo
- Tomas Adolfo Duco
- Florencio Sola
- Republica de Mataderos (Nueva Chicago)
- Jose Fierro
- Jose Maria Minella
- Roberto Carminatti

Primera B:

- Ciudad de Vicente Lopez y Planes
- Chacarita (new)

Argentino A:

- Ciudadela de Tucuman
- Padre Ernesto Martearena
- Nueva Italia

Plus some other generic ones.

All of them where collected mainly from Fifa-Argentina and other latin american sites. I didn´t create no stadium.


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What's wrong with ?

This cmp files are not really big, except for the one with the Stadiums. They shouldn't take long to download

I'll upload the audio file soon, so you also have the crazy chants from the fans.


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