aLEx_1O's Kits (2012-13 Season)

a L E x _ 1 O

Reserve Team
Hi My Friends!! :) Do you remember me?! :innocent_smile_1: sorry for the lack, but I had some probs... :md: Fortunately, now everything is all right!! (Y)

I'll start whit some work on my beloved F.C. Juventus (obvious...THREE STARS!! <3 ) and PSG!! ;)

Stay Tuned!! :cool:

P.S. I accept any request for new Nike 2012-13 collection, but only from the 4th of August...because tomorrow I leave for vacation in Montenegroooooo!! :)

a L E x _ 1 O

Reserve Team
Juventus F.C. Set 2012-13




Goalkeeper Blue

Goalkeeper Green



Starting XI
If we remember you? You are the best bootmaker ever seen on fifa scene!and your kits are good aswell! Nice to see you back. I've read what you've written but I Hope you'll make some Italian teams cos there's a lack of them right now