aLEx_1O's Kits (2012-13 Season)

a L E x _ 1 O

Reserve Team
Thanks a lot guys :)

Oh yeah adrenalin_laser, I'll make Inter first and then also Barça!! :) (by the way, can you give me some detailed pictures of the first kit?! I don't understand very well the arrangement of the "blaugrana" dots!! :( )

Would you like the rx3 file of black and white numbers?! (Sorry, I haven't yet the font of the names!!)

a L E x _ 1 O

Reserve Team
Oh sure my friend!! (Y) I'll make Manchester United after Barça!! :)

Internazionale F.C. Set 2012-13



Goalkeeper Grey

Goalkeeper Green



Senior Squad
marvellous Inter pack man :33vff3o:
I've sent a pm with some pictures for Barça kits,hope that they are good enough :innocent_smile_1:
And yes if u have the numbers for Juve in rx3 format please release them (H)
keep it up mate with these HQ kit packs