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AC Milan Thread [2010/2011]

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The Von Trapps
thought I'd catch the Milan match on the Fox Soccer Channel ... Christian Miles just spent 5 minutes talking about Zlatan as a star player to keep an eye on, and was then surprised not to see his name in the starting XI or on the bench ... well, Zlatan was involved in a car accident yesterday; and even though he is doing well, and not badly hurt, he was never going to be risked ... but clearly that level of research is too much for FSC to do ...

anyway, Milan's new home kits look pretty sweet ... lots of space between the kitmaker's logo and the club badge for the scudetto patch next season ...


Fan Favourite
congrats guys, 18nt title at last.

Seedorf played amazingly well at the end of this season, he looked so young. Maybe it was the last time that Gattuso, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Seedorf, Nesta and Ambrosini celebrated together. what a generation, multiple Serie A and UCL in their basket.

Btw, it was the longest championship ceremony I've ever seen but musics were epic.


Oh and tits.
Yeah unbelievable generation to be honest. Its sad though Nesta is almost at his end. I don't really see defenders full of class of Nesta and previous legendary Italian defenders.


The Von Trapps
first look at Philou in rossonero colours:

great to see a player I like join two of my favourites already at Milan ...


I'll most likely be following Milan just as closely next season ... but it's almost "that time of the year", and lots of rumours are already circulating that could change that:

despite having a contract till 2014, Fiorentina are apparently once again interested in signing Cassano, though they'd probalby have to fork up a good chunk of change to land him ... the other rumour involving Cassano is in a deal for Pastore -- supposedly €20-30mil plus Fantantonio ...

the one potential story that would interest me most is the Kaká-Zlatan straight swap ... Galliani, Allegri, and Mino, have all been asked about it ... while they maintain that it is unlikely, the possibility has not been dismissed ...

we know that Milan will buy Zlatan at the agreed-upon €24million fee from Barça ... and we know that rumour season is what it is ... but this deal is realistically possible considering all parties involved:

- any club, after purchasing a player's contract, can sell him on if they choose to before registering their squad;

- Zlatan has only been registered for Milan in 2011, so would not have a problem with FIFA's maximum 2 clubs per year rule;

- Real and Mourinho wouldn't prevent Ricky from leaving Madrid if the right deal came along;

- Milan, the tifosi, and Ricky, would reunite in harmony, if it came to that;

- Zlatan and José have always spoken very fondly of one another, both during and after their season together at Inter;

- José is looking for a striker who offers both height and touch play, and Zlatan obviously fits the profile;

- Ricky and Zlatan earn about the same, so the financial discussions shouldn't be too complicated either;

a cashless player swap is certainly a realistic possible, so long as the players are agreeable to the swap ... there are many things to be apprehensive about for both players when considering the move, though I can't think of a better opportunity for Zlatan to prove Pep wrong -- that's probably not a priority, but it must be something that would cross his mind if the opportunity does in fact come up ...

I certainly look forward to enjoying watching Fantantonio and Zlatan combine for Milan in the Champions League next season ... but I won't lie: the prospect of Zlatan reuniting with José, each with his own reason to prove a point by delivering the Champions League, is potentially more exciting for me ...


Fan Favourite
Mark van Bommel, Thiago Silva and Flavio Roma renewed their contracts.

However, there is a big question mark over below players future.

I think Nesta and Gatuuso will stay.

I don't think that Ibra-Kaka swap will ever happen. Barca lawyers will be careful to avoid such things.


Słowiańska Dusza
Zlatan and his way to express the joy. I know that he used to train some sort of martial arts but this is too much. It's not the first time he kicked one of his teammates. Weird.



Fan Favourite
If true, he will be another great player who player for all three big clubs, Inter, Milan and Juve.


Fan Favourite
It would be hard for Milan fans to see him in Juve's shirt but they have lots of old player. they need to sell few of them and add more young players. They won first Serie A in 7 years by adding new young players like KP Boateng:) and Robinho.


Reserve Team
Fair enough , Taiwo is a really good prospect . Also , they could fill Pirlo's boots by signing players like Yoann M'Vila - that guy is amazing !


Oh and tits.
Milan should move for either Modric and if possible Bale too.
Abbiati, Zambrotta, Nesta, T.Silva, Taiwo, Boateng, Van Bommel, Bale, Modric, Pato and Ibra.
Great Idea......destroy the Spuds.


Oh and tits.
"Leonardo too much of a gentleman, Del Neri is integral, Luciano Spalletti is bald, while Cesare Prandelli is diplomatic."


The Von Trapps
Xifio;3023980 said:
Montolivo as Pirlo's replacement should be another priority for the summer ...
^ this, not Witsel ...

really surprised they haven't already taken advantage of the Montolivo contract situation to seal a deal ...
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