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AC Milan Thread [2010/2011]

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Reserve Team
Cant believe Milan din win yesterday given the utter dominace they displayed at the Lane . Robinho shud have scored before HT , no excuses at all . Pato was below par in his performance as well . Things are not looking good for the Italian clubs regarding European competitions . :(


Oh and tits.
yep things arent looking good for calcio but i would suggest you and juve fans along with a few other clubs to seek answers from Massimo Moratti.


Reserve Team
yeah will do just that .

Taiwo on his way to Milan . Hope this transfer comes through , he's the best available left-back on the market and also a free agent , Galiani would be a fool to miss this oportunity .


The Von Trapps
good for Cassano, getting the assist for the winner after missing two absolute sitters earlier in the match ...

Costacurta;3023863 said:
Taiwo on his way to Milan . Hope this transfer comes through , he's the best available left-back on the market and also a free agent
the Taiwo deal has long since been assumed a formality, given that the club wants him, and the player wants the move ... don't think he's the best on the market, but I do rate his abilities as an attacking wing-back, and he is the best free agent LWB option available this summer ...


The Von Trapps
Arnau;3023943 said:
Why the hell did [Milan] sign Dídac Vilà?!
to have more than 1 top LWB option ... then Antonini can get the hint at the end of the season, and either f*ck off, or hang around as 3rd back-up ... and Jankulovski can save face and leave too, despite impressing me (for his age) ...


Reserve Team
He'll probably be out on loan next season . We have Antonini , Marek and Emanuelson who can fill that position , and if Taiwo comes we'll have 4 left backs to choose from .. someone needs to go .
We have a ****-load of full-backs but no one to take Pirlo's place when he's injured.

Good thing is that the Scudetto is practically in the bag at this point , only few games remaining and no chance for Inter or Napoli to catch up .


The Von Trapps
Urby is now a mid, and no longer a LWB ... he can play there, but the fact that he's not starting there already suggests that that's not where Allegri is looking to play him ...

next season, I'd prefer to see Dídac Vilà as understudy to Taiwo in the first team, rather than out on loan ... Antonini and Jankulovski should go ... Zambrotta can be the experienced wingback back-up option on both sides ...

Galliani should have worked harder on convincing Bosingwa not to sign a contract extension with Chelsea ... if Milan are serious about challenging in Europe, Abate shouldn't be anything more than a reserve RB option in the squad ...

Montolivo as Pirlo's replacement is another priority for the summer ...

EDIT: oh, and Ruud Van Nistelrooy can replace Super Pippo (assuming he retires) ...


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paolo-fcb;3031897 said:
Ajax2003+2004, Juve 05+06, Inter 2007/08/09, Barcelona 2010, Milan 2011, why 7? 9...

And as far as I can tell, he has never finished below 2nd as a professional when he's played a full season.


Staff member
Though Ajax didn't win the title in 2003 (PSV did), but he did win his first title with them in 2002.
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