A suggestion about the rep system


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Hey guys...

i think that wen someone receives rep from someone, the name of who gave it should also appear in the details of the rep..so that wen we give rep to someone, we dont have to write our usernames in the comment :$

Hope the mods/developers can implement it


Ubik Valis

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"::shinji:: is a jewel in the rough", haha. I guess you still need to prove that you're an asset to these forums. Keep it up n00b. (H)

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I always put "You're a bastard. -Sir_Didier_Drogba", working on the principle that no-one would be stupid enough to sign their own name and therefore I would be the last person people would suspect. It's the perfect plan, or was, until I gave it away in this post.


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Tom;2271623 said:
I just put King for everything.
Haha! (H) Man, my neg has to be worth many points than. (H)
b-ytter;2271698 said:
i got a blue rep,what does the blue dot mean??