9CR7 kits(request too)

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Can any1 use these terrific kits to make WC2010 kits for FIFA 2007 plz??? Really dying to have all the WC2010 kits. Peepz, plz help me out:(. Tnx in advance. (Y)


Youth Team
hey there, I got some requests here. Hope you have time and I would really appreciate If you will do them. Good luck and big thanks !



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Can you make these kits :
Rep. Of Ireland H-A-GK
Croatia H-A-GK
Ecuador H-A-GK
Serbia H-A-GK
China H-A-GK
Tunisia H-A-GK
Germany GK
France GK

Thanks in advance!


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ok guys i ben realy busy with the world cup pathc that me and some team mates are puting ogetter,it's gona be ready soon,and now the kits that you guys have ben requested from allong ago



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ultimamente estoy tardando mucho mas,porque estoy con muchos examenes y se me suma que estoy trabajando con personas de este foro en el parche del mundial para el fifa 07.
y mi programa favorito para hacer los kits,boots y balones es el phtoshop cs4,busco muchas imagenes y con practica cualquiera puede hacer lo quiera con ese programa(Y)