9CR7 kits(request too)


Reserve Team
9CR7 please make these kits!!!
Here is the updated and FINAL list of kits (which ones I really need) :

RSC Anderlecht H-A-GK
AZ Alkmaar H-A-GK
Ajax Amsterdam H-A-GK
AJ Auxerre H-A-GK
HSC Montpellier H-A-GK
Saint-Etienne H-A-GK
FC Twente H-A-GK
JK Besiktas H-A-GK
SK Fenerbache H-A-GK
FC Basel 1893 H-A-GK
Glasgow Celtic H-A-GK
Aalborg BK H-A-GK
Panathinaikos H-A-GK

Thanks in advance!!!


Youth Team
Could you please make germany black kit ? thanks a lot



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ok guys,my keyboard is broken and im righting with the pc keyboard,is hard,but i'm gona see what i can do till i get a new keyboard


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[QUOTE = 9CR7; minikits 2859270] y Los

[url]http://i44.tinypic.com/2lkxmav.jpg[/url] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [url]http://i41.tinypic.com/nfoajr.jpg[/url] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [url]http://i39.tinypic.com/5mlavm.jpg[/url] [/ IMG]

Manan y estaran Los kits del Real Madrid (Y) [/ quote]

thank you very much and the download.


Youth Team
gr8 kits work...
it gr8 if u can make minikit for world cup team...
with the template like that minikit...
just suggest it...
anyways gr8 work... >.<"y