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3D League Logos


Senior Squad
What's up?

Thanks to jorge78 I finally got to experiment successfully with exporting a working 3d logo and putting it in the game.
First one, The AFA logo

Here's the blender preview (sorry for no ingame screenshots)




Senior Squad
aimartan;3763596 said:
Tks very much

No problem :)

This one will probably need volunteers, as far as testing goes




download link:

The main folder contains the rx3 model and the textures rx3 files are on the 3 subfolders (3 versions - Silver, Black and White)

Work in progress:

Finished version:


Brasileirão Chevrolet 2014




Senior Squad
The idea is to make logos which aren't already in game or that are generic, mate ;)

I thought the EA logo only showed up where there's no logo for the league to display


Youth Team
dissectionalone;3763869 said:
It took me a while to actually get the parts of the exporter besides the general overwriter flag. Once that was done, thanks to jorge78's help with the ball exporting method I figured what the logos needed.

Maybe we are not understand each other. I want to say, that in FIFA 14 thread there is a couple of threads (including 3d importer/exporter) where explained how to export 3d logos from blender.

Whatever it was, good job!


Senior Squad
Centre;3764073 said:
Maybe we are not understand each other. I want to say, that in FIFA 14 thread there is a couple of threads (including 3d importer/exporter) where explained how to export 3d logos from blender.

Whatever it was, good job!

I understood what you said, mate. I recall reading on the exporter thread in the 14 forum, even the naming convention needed but took an abnormal amount of time to actually get the necessary steps down to put it into practise and thanks to jorge78 I finally understood how that flag in the script works :)

Thanks for the comments, guys :)

Next, an attempt on something requested by pao4ever:



Senior Squad
colindegreat;3764164 said:
Where can I get info on the ball method you mention earlier (exporting)

The ball method I've mentioned ealrier is after naming the textures and mesh properly, adding an empty object in blender (plain axes) renaming it and making it a parent of the ball object, in short.

In detail:

for balls, the naming convention is ball_.FxRenderable - you name the object like this;

For the textures, it's ball_cm.Raster, ball_nm.Raster and ball_coeff.Raster;

The mesh can be called PART000 (used the example from jorge78)

If the UVmap isn't called map0, name it like so;

Select the vertex colors (col0 and col1 - create if you don't have them)

Select mode1 for col0 then the autopaint mesh;

Select mode2 for col1 and autopaint mesh;

Add the empty object (plain axes); Select the ball object then shit click the empty object and press Ctrl + P

Rename the empty object to TROPHY;

Select the ball_.FxRenderable object, select the trophy/ball flag on the exporter then the ID you want to give it and the export folder and export. After it finishes, select export textures and you're set.

The other 3d objects that don't have bones use this same principle, but use different names for the object and textures, depending on which object it is

pao4ever;3764169 said:
can't thank you enogh buddy! amazing piece!

You just did :) and you're welcome, mate

Updated the AFA logo with a new and improved version (this one was converted from a sketchup model like the Champions League one. I had made a different version of the AFA logo using different methods but it was based on a different image/version without the stars and despite the fact that it looked better, my first one was based on the look I wanted it to have and this converted version was made based on a similar image)

This logo had a problem but I've already fixed it. This one replaced the first one I've posted.

The Champions League one also needs to be fixed. I'll correct the issue and reupload it

Edit: link for the updated Champions League logo has been added to the post on the first page