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Release day

Sorry for the delay, I have had too many problem since I got robbed. There are some faces from FO4 that were never converted


Thank you to all the people whoehlped me along the way!
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For some unkown reason there is an issue with the download link for Mathías Olivera. Instead of downloading it as all the other faces I can just generate a new download key every 30 seconds. Any chance to reupload it again? Thanks in advance!


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Guys, I'm thinking of coming back to facemaking.

Give me a 5-face list you would like to have in your game ( avoid unknown leagues and/or teams)

Edson Álvarez (Ajax)
Manor Solomon (Fulham)
Patson Daka (Leicester City)
Riley McGree (Middlesbrough)
Manu Morlanes (Villarreal)

:) thx


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*Trabajo en progreso*

Todavía no sé cómo evitar ese aspecto brillante en mi interfaz de Blender. Si lo haces, por favor, házmelo saber.

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What version of blender are you using bro? if you are on a later than 2.8 you need to reduce the SPECULAR value in the material properties area to 0, and this will remove the bright color from the texture.

Hope that's the problem :)

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