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Sorry for the delay, I have had too many problem since I got robbed. There are some faces from FO4 that were never converted

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Thank you to all the people whoehlped me along the way!
fix Lisandro, pls, not installing


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Alex Collado - Granada on loan from Barcelona

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View attachment 102233tengo esto en mi foro, creo que por el momento es buenoView attachment 102234
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Why do some latinos keep using Spanish? Don't you respect our international community?
We are all from different countries and for most of us English is not our native language, but we use it to communicate with each other, because English is the language of inter-native communication.


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I think that EA left Seria A ASIDE ONCE AGAIN FOR fifa 23, so I'll continue with that league.
Fortunately or unfortunately it cannot be done on the basis of the Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga. Serie A operates under slightly different licensing rules, I cannot cover any club, so if it is, it will either be sessions of single partner clubs or customs.