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2022-23 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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Unrelated to this patch but may I know if we can change the skill button to button Left Shift? Like Fifa Online 3.


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Hi @tokke I have a question about the mod. When I download any year of your mod my game crashes when I choose a language. Thank you


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Hi, are there further additional patches planned for the Season 23 or is it supposed to remain in the current version? thx for the great work!! :-)


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@tokkie001, Hi bro, next 2023/24 season FIFA24 is stopped but re-name to FC24 what you think about it. And your new patch for FIFA11 are Stop ? (T.T) please tell me about this.


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Hi, I got one question concerning Creation Master. In which file does the Creation master save the changes, when one clicks on the "save"-button in the "File"-menu? So in case I re-install FIFA, may I load the changes within the CM by loading a certain file?


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Hello Tokke,
First of all I want to Thank You for all the hard work. I really appreciate the patch.
I tried on my behalf to solve this problem, with no luck unfortunately.
Can You help me?


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I have a request. Because i want to have in my pc FIFA 11 with tokkee 001 patch and cep 11 at the same time, is someone who has and can reupload FIFA 11 Version Switcher, please ? Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Tokke! Thx for this wonderful patch! I installed it, but as I finished it, and clicked on Selector, it crashes... I dont know what should I do? Any ideas? Thx in advance!


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Thread of the new 2022-23 season !

* 2022-23 patch v1.0 (AIO)
* 2022-23 patch v1.2 (released on 18.05.2023)
* 2022-23 patch v1.3 (released on 25.06.2023)

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2022-23 patch (v1.0b)

* extract content of "Manual install" to "FIFA 11" installation folder

4. install 2022-23 patch (v1.2)
* extract content of "Manual install" to "FIFA 11" installation folder

5. install 2022-23 patch (v1.3)
* extract content of "Manual install" to "FIFA 11" installation folder

6. apply Database
* Open Selector > Select database :
* Choose "1. Default squads (Updated)"
* ONLINE version / OFFLINE version
* Apply Database
Hello my friend, I'm trying to create a classic uniform for our league here in Brazil, but the numbers in the matches are without texture, I've tried several alternatives and I couldn't, do you have any idea what to do? I used the site fifakitcreator.com to do it and then I fixed everything in Photoshop, but I can't solve this error, thanks for your attention!


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@tokke001 , Thank for your hard work!!!
Please update database for new Season 23/24, all transfer or formal leagues,
You can just update database only without kit, so i happy... please bro.

Thank you so much.