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2021-22 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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I have 2 suggestions to make FIFA 11 better:
1. enable to balance the budget and wages budget (if im not wrong in the console version you were able to do it)
2. remove the limit of players on the trasfers list its really unpleasing to keep unwanted players
I actually dont know if its possible to apply these improvements but I hope there will be a way in a future patch


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The game does not open, it gives a black screen problem, I deleted and installed it, but it does not fix? Help me pls the game does not open


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The game does not open, it gives a problem, I deleted and installed it, but it does not fix? Help me pls the game does not open


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Good morning people, I have an error which is that the names of the teams come out like this: *TeamName_4785, I have not been able to know how to solve it or should I reinstall? excuse me for my english, please help me!


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Hello how are you? Does anyone have an idea why my players have black ears? what do i have to do what is the solution thank you


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After installing the latest patches, my manager mode is crashing just after the first game. Can anyone tell me how to fix that..?


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Adboards for 18 team 2 Bundesliga (by Anamorph...png



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meybe in patch FIFA 23 (for 11) ...Major Soccer League (SUA) create 2 series....and first 2 team in series play semifinal ...after final



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Hello everyone, thanks to the author for the work done, it's very cool to play FIFA 2011 with new squads on a weak laptop).
I have a question, how can I find players that are not in the new patch. Namely old players. When I play through the GameRanger with players who have old lineups, I see Drogba, KAKA, Robinho, Aguero, their faces, and other players, but I can't find them in CM11. How can they be found?.


Tokke how can I solve this problem? I have the referee ID as head_500029_0_0_0_0.rx3, I still have a referee without a face and head .
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for the new FIFA 23 patch you will add files separately ... to be put in the FIFA 22 patch (db-kits-minikits-logo-minifaces +all ?

patch 1.0 (future patch)... posibility play in manager mode ?

Dare bF004

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HELLO tokke001
Please help me check my edit file Fo3 commentary to Fifa 11!
I see you tutorial use hex editor to extract .Xml file from data_1.big(Fo3)
I expected 5 file.

After that i copy it to audiodata/speechdata/fre_fr/
And use regrenerator 1.6.
But in game. It not working. Commentary "sound lost".
My edit file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11MqNw8925Np3IVq1xfXyVExtFUMDne0r/view?usp=drivesdk
Source fo3:
Audiodata: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-DvNQFzrfDS4iQagNRmMirnNfSUz7igO/view?usp=drivesdk
Big file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-OQ5k9MqxXwb7QTDSkQYW695I9kJ5_h4

I tried my best, please help me
Does this file have Legend Vietnam?