2014 FIFA World Cup conversion


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F14 stadiums banner template
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WC 14 DLC / Stadiums banners template (also funny af "to go russia")
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If you use that Poland banner at a WC 14 stadium some banners will be POL and some will be SKA
well, these formats are incompatible with each other
if I scale lowest row to FIFA 14, with 2014 WC flags, two flags will display as one
let's say they are sewn to each other and that's what I'll probably go with


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New version of the script
import bpy
import os

def replace_image_textures():
for material in bpy.data.materials:
for texture_slot in material.texture_slots:
if texture_slot and texture_slot.texture.type == 'IMAGE' and texture_slot.texture.image:
image = texture_slot.texture.image
if image.filepath.lower().endswith('.dds'):
old_filepath = bpy.path.abspath(image.filepath)
new_filepath = os.path.splitext(old_filepath)[0] + "_new.png"
if old_filepath != new_filepath:
bpy.ops.image.open(filepath=new_filepath, directory=os.path.dirname(old_filepath), files=[{"name": os.path.basename(new_filepath)}], relative_path=True)
new_image = bpy.data.images.get(os.path.basename(new_filepath))
if new_image:
texture_slot.texture.image = new_image

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

caleb chetty

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Do you like new training arena?
hi bro , how can i get this arena for fifa 14 to play a match here ? also how can i play a match in the main arena ?

caleb chetty

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I didn't convert nothing, just put the files with appropriate
I didn't convert nothing, just put the files with appropriate name
could you please send me the practice arenas from other fifas like 2014 world cup and euro 12 for my fifa 14 . i want to play matches in arenas...i can currently play in the standard fifa 14 arena but only day time. when i play at night the sky turns blue and green..please help.


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Thanks for your nice work. It works great after regenerating with CM14.
I finally found solution to play World Cup 2014 Brazil.
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I am writing everything in English but I don't know if the default translator puts it in Spanish because I am publishing everything in English but everything is translated into Spanish


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New FC 24 faces
Martin Braithwaite
Anthony Lozano
Oliver Torres
Dakonam Djene
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