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2010 FIFA World Cup conversion


Fan Favourite
Yes in the fifa 2010 world cup game you can hear the sound of the vuvuzelas during the game in the ps3/xbox 360 and psp version so I asked if they would put it in the conversion
That type of stuff is such a thing that was specifically coded to the WC game, so I can't add it as a mod with my current knowledge and my (non-existing) coding skills


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Hello, thank you for this great patch! I've a problem: when i try to load the tournament save, the game crashes. Do you know what can i do?


Youth Team
Do you remember FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch by FIFA Infinity? This project wanted to convert 2014 World Cup game assets on FIFA 14 engine
We have 2006 World Cup game on PC (even if it's PS2 engine), 2014 WC experience from FIFA Infinity, but we lack of imho one of the best FIFA game of all time - 2010 FIFA World Cup. Until now.

This is mostly conversion of 2010 World Cup game from PS3 and Xbox 360. Most assets comes from original files and already existed, abandoned FIFA 11 mod (link here: http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/fifa-world-cup-2010.166390/).
This is a mod for FIFA 11 on PC, due to similar engines that both game have.
Mod includes:
- new menu
- new soundtrack; from the original game + 2 bonus tracks
- new intro
- 2 databases
- one including all original 199 national teams, Classic XI and adidas u11 team with original rosters
- one including authentic 2010 World Cup line-ups including missing players
- converted all stadiums, kit models, kits, generic and specific gamefaces and other sceneassets from original game
- new GUI fonts including scoreboard (sic!)
- new scoreboard inspired by 2010 WC game one
- flags, banners, adboards, shoes from original game
- balls including originally hidden ones like Tricolore, Teamgeist, Europass etc.
- subs bench expanded by default to 12 players
- 2 tournaments: Qualifiers and Finals
- new faces from original FIFA 11 and converted from FIFA 12, 13 and both versions of FIFA Online 3
- new models for minor sceneassets like photographers or ball boys
and a lot of fun

Special thanks go to @tokke001. Without his personal support and his tools, there wouldn't be this mod.
Second database is based on @GIGGIRIVA's Classic Patch for FIFA 14.
Thanks also to @V.K for help with shoes recognition.
Other thanks go to creators of previous mod which is this mod based on.

Link to download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5bfo426e55se5eb/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_conversion.zip/file
Update 1.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p40z9hxe185kjqk/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_conversion_update_1.1.zip/file
Update 1.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kw6mm4pyinotkxq/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_conversion_update_1.2.zip/file

You just have to put this Game folder on your Game folder. Regenerate and done. I recommend to do this with Creation Master 11. It's definitely faster than i68 Regenerator.
Any chance you can reupload this mod? Main link is not working :(


Fan Favourite
Ok, mediafire just didn't wanted for me to re-upload new file with old think, so I attached dummy file in the .zip file that you can just delete, just to modify checksum and now it passed, you can download it once again.


Youth Team
Ok, mediafire just didn't wanted for me to re-upload new file with old think, so I attached dummy file in the .zip file that you can just delete, just to modify checksum and now it passed, you can download it once again.
Thank you! One more thing, I am working on total conversion mod to FIFA 08, but for some reason kits look black even though I converted them using @tokke001 's FIFA Converter. Can you share what technique or steps to convert did you use?



Club Supporter
Actualización 1.1

Tal vez no lo sabías, pero cerca del torneo en sí, en Xbox 360 (y tal vez en PS3), había un DLC gratuito para el juego de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2010. Aunque no era grande. Contenía una actualización de la escuadra (que no está incluida, porque no pude obtener datos de esto), 4 balones pintados con banderas y el resto que ahora se incluye en esta conversión:
- actualización para 1 adboard
- kits y minikits con licencia para Chile, Perú, Honduras y Corea del Norte
- kit de local y minikit actualizados para Camerún y kit de visitante actualizado para España

I can install this file on my ps3?


Club Supporter
Back in 2010 i had a weak pc and didn't had a Xbox, this game is great.

Still the best game ever, any chance of making a Qatar 2022 patch?