1. M

    faces convert to 16

    Doku convet from fifa 14 to fifa 16 credits King AJ Face Edits LINK:
  2. J

    JR Classic Mods FIFA 22

    Classic Mod FIFA 22 Season 2004-2005 More than 10 Teams: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Inter, Roma, Juventus, Bayern and more. Classic Boots More than 200 real faces Kits 2004/2005 Season Link:
  3. C

    Interesting flares modding question (I hope)

    Hey guys, so I'm a little obsessed with the smoke / flares that Argentine clubs Racing and Independiente have in FIFA 23. The only other two clubs in the whole of FIFA 23 that still have that smoke effect are Galatasaray and Portland Timbers (and only when they play rival clubs). I want to...
  4. itsByGexX

    |FIFA22| 1RFEF Patch (Spanish Third Division)

    Hi everyone! I'm itsByGexX, a new spanish modder who is just starting in the world of fifa mods and is working on a patch about the Spanish Third Division (1RFEF) The 1RFEF Patch is a project that I had in mind for a long time, but due to my lack of knowledge about how to make changes to the...
  5. shoneroma90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    > FREE MODS Project - LONG INFO < This thread is a list of Mods currently in the making from various authors around the Soccer Gaming. They all need whatever help you can offer so we can all work togheter as a community and make Fifa Mods/Patches FREE for everyone to use ! Bellow is the list...
  6. segababa

    editing tutorials

    Hello Guys, I am searcing for text editing tutorials but since the game is nearly 5 years old, I can not find old threads. I need tutorial for compdata folder. Also I am searching for a good career mode mod for fifa 16 ( I would love to try chris2k13 fifa manager mod but links are dead)...
  7. N

    FIFA 21 TO FIFA 15

    Hi everybody, this thread is for all FIFA 21 to FIFA 15. I hope that everybody share mods, faces, whathever in this post. C'mon guys, FIFA 15 doesn't have to die
  8. RenanMedeiros_29

    Facemods by RM29

    Hello everyone, :ewan: I'll start posting my works on this thread, hope you like it! Can find me in Twitter too: Here is my first facemod for FIFA 20. RODRIGO PINHO (CS MARÍTIMO-POR) DOWNLOAD LINK...
  9. S

    FIfa 20 offline activation?

    Hi everybody yesterday I lost my fifa 20 offline activation :( Could any of you activate it again for me? please....!! :(
  10. RED_Scouser_00

    New modder here I've got some questions

    Hello, this my first year trying to mod the game and I would like some of the more experienced modders to answer a couple of questions I have. 1) What kind of things are we cable of modding at this stage? 2) Does documentation about frosty tools exist? 3) Is a dynamic theme mod possible...
  11. C

    Mods, Banners and Flags collection

    Hi, a few days ago I asked if I could create a site where to collect all the mods and especially the graphics for FIFA that are scattered on the internet. I didn't get any answer, but I decided to do it anyway. For now I have only uploaded the banners. I made some of them by myself, many others...
  12. B


    Guys a lot of the stadiums in career mode turn out to be an all black of nothingness. there's no grass or crowds or stands or anything. players and the ball are there but it's weird. i dont know if its because of one of the mods i installed but is there a way to fix this?
  13. Fidel Gameplay


    FIFA 20 EXCLUSIVE MODS - DOCTOR+ PRODUCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - FIFA TRANSFORMERS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - FIFA 20 INITFS_WIN32 EDIT PACK - REVOLUTION DATABASE MASTER 20...
  14. S

    FIFA 14 rx3 files from CM15 pls :)

    Hello, I'm working on a CM15 patch converting fifa 15 to a 2007-08 database with all the kits etc. would someone please be so kind as to attach rx3 files from fifa 14 of the following players please? Luke Young Jermaine Jenas Emile Heskey Fernando Torres Alexandre Pato Elano Robinho Daniel van...
  15. G

    Ultimate is easy

    does anybody knows hot make the game harder i am on Ultimate and i am winning bayern with the base team of dortmund 5-0 it to easy is there mods that can make the game harder or something?
  16. D

    UEFA CL Graphics

    Good day, this forum is great, I'm trying to do my mod for the UEFA CLbut I'm missign some textures, can someone help me with the balls textures in dds or png any other graphic will be highly appreciate, thanks
  17. F

    FIFA 18 Mod Jugadores En Su Mejor Momento (Beta Version)

    “La característica principal de este mod, es que tomé las bases de datos del FIFA 18, FIFA 17, FIFA 16 hasta el FIFA 07, y obtuve la mejor versión de los jugadores (con la edad que tenían) y añadí jugadores que no estaban, pero solamente los que tenían el rostro escaneado” - Adidas All...
  18. Andreasmax

    Andys' Graphics & Mods

    Update 4 Big Germany Patch Fifa 18 Download: Update4-NewCurrent-Version Included in the DL are the two files for the Mod Manager, the project file for the Frosty Editor and separately the database. This update contains a new database, with a squad dated 14/12/2017, which means that the folder...
  19. D

    PES 2018 alternative mods site

    Hey all, giving PES 2018 a try this year since they finally released their next-gen engine for PC. Can't find a PES modding section here, any other sites to check out mods apart from
  20. Fidel Gameplay

    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    FIFA18 EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE SPECIAL MODS - TOOLS - TIPS BY DOCTOR+ PRODUCTIONS IMPORTANT INFO AND STATE: I am very busy with my private life and job connected to many laboratories. Request state: OFF State on OFF = I can continue to update the mods, but unfortunately I have no time to reply...