Interesting flares modding question (I hope)


Club Supporter
Hey guys, so I'm a little obsessed with the smoke / flares that Argentine clubs Racing and Independiente have in FIFA 23. The only other two clubs in the whole of FIFA 23 that still have that smoke effect are Galatasaray and Portland Timbers (and only when they play rival clubs).

I want to know whether I can mod other clubs to also display the smoke in the stands? I've trawled through RDBM / DB Master / forums to find any options I can change and found nothing.

The smoke appears to be stadium, league and team specific - if I change another team's stadium to Independiente's, for instance, the smoke doesn't appear. If I swap Independiente to another stadium, it doesn't appear. Likewise, if I swap their leagues, it doesn't work. Galatasaray is the only team with smoke that's in a generic stadium, but no other team playing in that stadium can show smoke.

What's even cooler is that Racing and Independiente also have tifos, on-pitch confetti and streamers in their stadium, making for a really cool experience. The problem is the Argentine league has no broadcast package and is generally a much lesser experience to play in career mode than the EPL for instance (especially for a big EPL fan)

It would be awesome to be able to mod any top-five league team to have these same features so any info or suggestions at all on would be greatly appreciated - thanks guys!