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fifa 16

  1. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] FIFA 16 Legacy Edition

    INTRODUCTION I am always fascinated with the idea of FIFA demakes, specially demakes on PS3/Xbox360 from FIFA 15-19. I wanted to start this series with FIFA 15. But as I love FIFA 16 so much, I am about to start this series with it. Ladies & Gentleman, allow me to introduce FIFA 16 Legacy...
  2. Emran_Ahm3d

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA 16 LagBuster Mod

    I've noticed that FIFA 16's Ignite Engine was not that well optimized, making the game unplayable on some hardwares. Well, this mod completely eliminates frame drops by performing numerous LUA improvements. Those include: Downsized Texture Resolution. Downsized Shadows. Reduced LoD at Higher...
  3. Bonnah

    FIFA 16 Worldwide League 25th to 1st Division

    Inspiration for this Project: dani26795's FIFA 07 Worldwide League 21st to 1st Division https://www.youtube.com/@dani26795/playlists
  4. B

    FIFA 16 Accounts for Sale !

    Hello guys ! pm me if you want FIFA 16 account for the best price !
  5. A

    FIFA 16 EA app account (full ownership, not shared!)

    Hi! If you are looking for EA app account with full version of FIFA 16, just contact me through PM by clicking "Start conversation" on my profile. Full version, not demo! Account ownership, not shared shit.
  6. jurianeo

    Come and participate in our CPU x CPU competitions.

    Hello, come and participate in my CPU x CPU tournaments, in general it's free and we have our personalized fantasy teams and a YouTube channel to post the matches and see how our teams do in our championships using this cpu x cpu tool. Everyone is welcome FIFA 16, 15 and 14. Get in touch at...
  7. B

    Extracting kits from fifa 23 mods

    Is there any way to extract the kits from fifa 23 or EAFC 24 mods that come for them to be installed with the mod manager?
  8. Amrbebo

    Khvicha Kvaratskhelia FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

    TO DOWNLOAD https://mega4upload.com/iweid9devuko
  9. Amrbebo

    FIFA 14 SQUAD UPDATE Sept 2023

    https://mega4upload.com/sc6mad569bw3 The latest transfer file for FIFA 2014. Transfers are updated for all teams with the latest capabilities
  10. JochemLFC2

    [23/24] German Regionalliga patch

    Who's ready for the comeback of the German 4th Division the FIFA 16 ? After the Dutch leagues and Scottish league, this will be my 4th lower league patch that will be added to fifa 16 :). Kits are for 80% done thanks to Quackie https://fifakitcreator.com/showcase/user/238608from FIFA 23 Kit...
  11. Igor_Kiriakov_10

    FACES FIFA 23 by sampaio_facemaker

    Hello lovers of soccer video games! I am sampaio_facemaker and I want to share with you my works for FIFA and PES. You can make private orders to my instagram. Hope you like! We are in contact! (Sorry for my English) https://www.instagram.com/sampaiofacemaker/
  12. A

    Origin to EA App transition - Fifa 16 disappeared

    FIFA 16 disappeared from my collection upon the transition from Origin to EA App. It is nowhere to be found, even though it is installed in my computer. Interestingly, I have Fifa 14 too and it appears normally in my collection... but Fifa 16 is my favorite version and it is very deceiving not...
  13. W


    Can someone help me open the fifa 16mobile .DB file. When I try to open it in DB Master I get an "arithmetic overflow" error https://www.mediafire.com/file/pq0j2t1z2d1981i/fifa16_mobile_Database.rar/file
  14. JochemLFC2

    JochemLFC2's tutorials

    I'm getting a lot of questions in dm about how to edit fifa 16, I decided to open a topic to show you guys some tutorials. The first one: how to transfer players in Creation master 16. Please tell me if I can help you guys with more things :)
  15. V

    2004 Kits For Iraq, Costa Rica, Ghana, Tunisia And Serbia

    Hi guys its me again i need some help in some kits for the Olympics mod that i'm doing Some of these are already in Pes 6 mod i just need to convert to FIfa 16. Ghana away i do not have it because i could not find it. Thanks.
  16. V

    1988 Guatemala kit

    Hi guys I'm doing a Olympics football mod for the fifa 16 classic patch and I'm doing the 1988 Olympics but there are some kits that are difficult to do so if you guys can help me to do the 1988 Guatemala kit I appreciate it. I'll leave a link of one game that they have done in that Olympics
  17. V

    2004 Paraguay kit

    Can someone help me to do the 2004 Paraguay kit i'm doing a olympic games mod on fifa 16 Classic Patch and I need some help. Link to the thread of the mod below. http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/olympic-games-mod-1952-from-2020-thread-fifa-16-classic-patch.6470768/
  18. V


    Hi everyone i'm having a problem with the creation master 16 i cannot open the DB in english and i i'm not being able to save in any language. The error it is attached bellow in portuguese and an exemple in english i'm afraid to lose the mod that i'm doing so if you can help the thread i'll...
  19. V

    Olympic games Mod 1952 from 2020 THREAD - Fifa 16 classic patch

    Hi guys i'm making the rest of the olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 in the fifa 16 classic patch. i already finished the teams from 92,96 and 2000 but there are some little adjustments to make. now i'm working on 1988 and 2004 so if you guys want to give some help on team kits, players faces...
  20. V

    Tunisia 1996 kit for the olympic games

    Hi Guys i'm doing a olympic games mod from 1952 to 2020, and i'm doing on the fifa 16 classic patch. im starting with the 1996 olympics but there are some kits that are difficult to find. like the 1996 tunisian team. the single thing that i found was the picture in this website...