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fifa 08

  1. Dmitri

    TheSeason plugin (Change starting year) for FIFA 07 and FIFA 08

    This plugin gives an ability to change starting year in the game. Works with FIFA 07 (1.1/5'242'880bytes) and FIFA 08 (1.0/6'255'718bytes, 1.2/2'656'256bytes) Screenshots Download in attachment. How to install: 1) Install plugin loader: for FIFA 07 / for FIFA 08 2) copy "plugins" folder...
  2. Dmitri

    Tweaked Player Replay Camera (FIFA 07, FIFA 08 and FIFA 10)

    During replay in PS2-era games you can't zoom player face, so it looks like this: With this plugin the zoom limit is increased, and now the camera points on player head instead of the body. Download: https://mega.nz/file/rhtnAJKa#HPzs2rtNpxv6FJoB6soVbJ5L9oTRI-An7fUKjGnbveI How to install...
  3. Dmitri

    Balls/Trophies Pack 2022/2023 (07/08)

    Works with FIFA 07 and FIFA 08 Custom balls are assigned to competitions. For example, when you play in Champions League, the Champions League ball will be used. Same for trophies (they are displayed when you win a tournament). There are also additional balls which you can buy in the shop...
  4. A

    Fifa 08 cep 6.0 download

    After a long time I managed to get the version 6.0 cep http://www.mediafire.com/folder/7bjlex02if0b5
  5. Dmitri

    FIFA 08 ASI Loader + Asset Loader

    FIFA 08 ASI Loader is an extension to FIFA 08 which gives an ability to load/attach custom plugins (files with .asi extension) to the game process. Such plugins are loaded from "plugins" folder. FIFA 08 Asset Loader is an .asi plugin which gives an ability to load assets (.o models, .fsh...
  6. Dmitri

    Converting 3D heads to FIFA 07 format (Completely manual way)

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert head model to FIFA 07. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 06/08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 06 and 08. This tutorial shows how to convert any model (extracted from any game or created by you) to FIFA 07 format. If you...
  7. G

    FULL LEAGUES 2018/19

    Liga MX 2018/19 -Ball -Adboards-- -Some Faces- -Full Roster Kits 2018/19 Link: https://newfaces07and082019.blogspot.com/2018/12/patch-liga-mx-201819.html?fbclid=IwAR07qTC3RPyZ7oyN6Y_ksRCrjfk8PzezgPNukot8yNhgIb7KaKvHm41ltoE SPL - Scotish Premier League 2018/19 Ball Adboards Kits 2018/19 Full...