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  1. A

    Help with leagues please

    Hi everybody, I'm still modding on Fifa 22. First i replaced some existing leagues but i reached a point that i don't have other leagues to replace so i decided to learn how to add leagues. I followed some tutorials from a Fifa modder and i created my leagues + new teams. But when i go to...
  2. K

    How to create a league without replacing any of built-ins?

    Somebody knows how to add leagues without deleting built-ins? I tried to create from a tutorial from soccermod but his channel and website shutted down and I don't know from where can I find a other tutorial. Somebody helps?
  3. A

    Help with compdata - League with more divisions/groups

    Can anyone look and help with my compdata ? I work on Slovakian lower leagues but i didn´t know what is wrong : 1596,2,SVK1,NationName_43,57 ... 1629,3,C332,TrophyName_Abbr15_332,1596 1630,4,S1,FCE_Setup_Stage,1629 1631,5,G1, ,1630 1632,4,S2,FCE_League_Stage,1629 1633,5,G1,FCE_Group_West,1632...
  4. E

    How to select fixtures and not them being randomly selected

    Good morning, I Just wanted to know if there is a way of modding the way teams are selected in a cup, tournament or league on FIFA 23 (not career Mode) I want to make a tournament in which teams are divided in a group stage of 3 teams each. I found Papa John's Trophy is the only tournament on...
  5. America

    Compdata for the Dutch first division

    Hey all, I am currently working on a mod that adds the 1st division (Keuken Kampioen Divisie) of the Netherlands to the game. Despite being fairly new to modding FIFA, I'm doing well. Various kits and goaltunes are already reflected in the mod, the stadium names have been added, the league...
  6. America

    Compdata help

    Hey all, I'm currently working on making a Dutch KKD (1st division) mod. The kits are going well, and I'm also well underway with the logos and banners. The league is up and playable and also goaltunes work for each team. Now I only run into the problem that I have absolutely no understanding...
  7. 31wazeir

    Fifa World Cup™ logo change!

    Hey! I've created my World Cup tournament, using the asset of the built in Fifa World Cup™, it works very well but I couldn't find where I could change the Fifa World Cup scoreboard, plinth, archway etc, just like in the picture, I would appreciate it so much if you tell me how it's possible to...
  8. N

    Cup standings in all leagues

    Hi anyone know how to set to show the cup standings in all leagues in career mode? Example: show Fifa Club World Cup for all PL teams.
  9. himre20

    Help with carrer mode leauge team slots

    Hi! I was wondering how you can remove teams from a league without crashing your career mode? Because if I understand it correctly, the reason for the crash is that the game prepares x number of slots for teams in advance and then it encounters empty slots. Personally, I've cut the 16 teams in...
  10. D

    Help with compdata champions league

    Hi. Im having problems on my mod trying to fixing bugs of champions league. After the first season always appear 47 teams (there have to be 48) but i didn´t find a way to edit tasks.txt to solve the problem. I tried to add one more champions slot on turkish league in settings.txt, putting a one...
  11. Futbol Club


    Hello community. Modify the compdata files to change the format of the Japanese league, making it now have a closing tournament and an opening tournament. I did it following a tutorial that is in a forum on this page and also guiding myself with another FIFA 20 compdata. The problem is that it...
  12. itsByGexX


    - ENGLISH Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a mod that adds the 1RFEF to the game (FIFA22). I have the mod very advanced in the graphic and database aspect (Teams with their current kits, flags, scarves, league logo, etc), but I am having difficulties when I try to modify compdata to make the...