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    WC Refs

    Refereeing is pretty bad this world cup, I was wishing for a video playback option several times already. Ivanov did an excellent job, though. If he wasn't so lenient, it would've been 8 on 8 by the end of the game.
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    Marcelo Balboa Should Be Sacked

    yea O'Brien really has been learning a lot recently, I'm starting to tolerate him Wynalda pissed me off today during Ukraine-Switzerland. He kept going on about how both teams dont send people up and really don't have initiative and don't want to play. That was OK until it got to 91st minute...
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    Liverpool FC

    Hey guys, I'm from the good old U.S. of A. and am coming to England around march. I wanna get to see a Liverpool match - prolly the one against Fulham. I haven't gone to games at a european stadium, anybody care to give me some help as to what to do/where to buy the tickets from, etc?
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    Screw Konami

    OK, screw ML. I'm tired of this BS. PES 5 is great when I play with my friends. It's fun, it's realistic, and it's awesome. My best friend plays Real and I play Chelsea, and it's like a real life Chelsea-Real game, it's so intense. We almost always go overtime. The goals that are scored are...
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    Screw Konami

    O um btw. Why is it that you can hit the post about 5 times on average every game? And if teams start playing better in the last 15 minis of the match, why doesn't my team play better if it's losing? I'm really tired of dominating the game, having 5 times the scoring chances that the other...
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    Screw Konami

    yea ok, dude, that was like the most genius post I've ever read in my entire life. not. The whole point is that AI was better in PES 4. True, any game gets easy eventually. You can't have perfect AI. But there IS no AI in PES 5. All they do is lob and run, lob and run, lob and run, and...
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    Screw Konami

    I am so f*cking tired of having 20 goddamn shots on goal and losing the game. This is pissing me off. Pro players DO NOT shoot AT THE GOALIE when 1 yard away from the ball and the goalie is NOT in front of them. I am seriously at a loss for words. Or a corner where my guy heads it, the keeper...
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    A cool way to play

    haha ik seriously. and lower it a bit.
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    Where do i find classic players in Master League?

    search by team and there should be a section with all the "secret" players. you gotta unlock them first, though.
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    Hired guns needed to protect my ML players cuz CPU IZ TRYIN' TO KILL THEM!!!

    yea, i'm suffering from injuries too. I think there's def a higher chacne of injury of ur player has his fatigue bar up. Make sure you rest your players. But otherwise, it sucks.
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    PES 5 is fine, except...

    yo. read the forum. seriously. there is a 9 page thread about this.
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    Screw Konami

    ohhh yea that pisses me off too. i conceded a goal once, because two of my defenders kept pushing each other in opposite directions and did not mark either the wing OR the forward. cross-header-goal. good times.
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    Screw Konami

    i always like a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2... worked well for me since I started playing PES. I want to show you a prime example from my latest game (this should silence the "OMFG USE SUPERCANCEL" freaks): My ML team vs Liverpool, I'm away. Yea, I shouldn't win. Cisse puts in a header from a corner...
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    Screw Konami

    I hear all this crap about "no game is unsrcipted" and blah blah blah, but I would like to point out that PES 4 had none of this. I remember smashing my keyboard (which I broke, eventually) in PES 3, because the switching method just plain sucked and I kept on conceding on the stupidest of...
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    Screw Konami

    i'll tell you when I play it.