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    Cell Phones

    Spent a lot of my teens wishing I had a higher-end phone, so I figured I should go there at least once.
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    Kate's Party

    Needs its own thread. It's gonna be awesome (Y)
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    Kate's Party

    I think we all know Kate. She's been a great friend to all of us over the years, so we're throwing her a birthday party this Saturday. We want to make it an unforgettable night for her so we want you all to come. BYO drinks, there'll be some light snacks available -- but make sure you don't...
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    Occasionally. :innocent_smile_1:
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    Congratulations New Zealand

    As an aside, I'm not sure that a footballer's ever had a more apt name
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    Congratulations New Zealand

    1-0 win tonight at Westpac Stadium in the second leg vs Bahrain to qualify to South Africa 2010 1-0 on aggregate. First World Cup for them since 1982. Enjoy your night NZ SG-ers. (Y)
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    -+ Los Fashionistas +-

    Depends on the shirt, I guess. And whatever else you've got on. Often, IMO, you just look messy and cheap if you're untucked. I don't think there's necessarily a single rule, though.
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    -+ Los Fashionistas +-

    Disagree with it being a general rule. You can dress up nice jeans with dress shoes and it's a step up from casual. Get a classy belt (MUST MATCH WITH THE SHOES - very jarring to women if you get this wrong), tuck your shirt in and you're doing yourself a massive favour, at higher-end...
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    NBA Off Season Thread

    Yo Shifty - I know you're a lot more tuned into the draft. What was with Mills dropping so low? Down here the little basketball media that there is was expecting (or, more accurately, hoping) for a first round selection but I thought, at worst, he'd drop into early-40s. Was his last year of...
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    2009 NBA Playoffs Thread

    How would Lebron go if he was 6'3? How would Chris Paul go if he was 5'7?
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    Eurovision 2009

    Eurovision party at uni bar tomorrow (H)
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    A-League issues

    Haven't played A-League in 09, but in the past it's been the highest earner in the squad is exempt from the salary cap.
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    My shirt's not pink. It doesn't have a single pink thread. It is red and white - what your eyes do with it is not my concern.
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    Dear Microsoft

    Compatibility and drivers were always going to be temporary. The bigger issue is that Vista is not actually a significant improvement over XP in nearly every measure and requires about ten times the specs. It's bloatware of the worst kind. For documents, emails, browsing and IM (99% of 99% of...
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    Is Your Better Mine

    13 from memory.