Kate's Party

I think we all know Kate. She's been a great friend to all of us over the years, so we're throwing her a birthday party this Saturday. We want to make it an unforgettable night for her so we want you all to come.

BYO drinks, there'll be some light snacks available -- but make sure you don't come hungry.

Dress code is smart casual, feel free to bring along a +1.

This Saturday night.

Hope to see you guys there...

Event info:


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Seen this posted 3 times already :D

Missed it though and it's cancelled... apparently there was something like 60k people signed up for it?


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Theodorakis;2858160 said:
so what did we miss exactly?

they created an event for Kate's bday party on facebook and made it public instead of private. 60 000+ people signed in to the event.