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    What do I need?

    Since the forum seems a bit dead and I haven't been on in ages, I was wondering if someone could politely point me in the direction of what I should have for PES 2008. I mean in terms of what latest official patch, user-made patch, etc. Thanks
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    The England National team thread

    is this game on the internet streaming for free or anything?
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    Switching to FIFA

    To be frank, you're a moron. I've played PES and FIFA, actually currently play more FIFA just because I play with my roommate online. With that being said, FIFA is still a horrible simulation of football. There's so much wrong with the AI, especially goalkeeping. Goals are so stale, usually...
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    MLS Thread 2007

    And as I was saying.. I agree with this. I'm just commenting on their point of view.
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    MLS Thread 2007

    MLS playoffs are definitely flawed, but I believe their reasoning is this: two legs in the quarterfinals gives the better team a chance to advance and is supposed to give the 1 seed a greater opportunity to not be upset by a 4 seed. Then, I would say the semifinals is designed to give the upper...
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    How Good is Daniel Allsopp

    Troyboy = Daniel Allsopp
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    West Ham must be cursed. Dyer breaks leg.

    West Ham are just horribly mismanaged. Paying that much for Dyer is a joke in the first place. Adriano would be a blessing for them.
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    "Champions" League - UEFA finally gets the point

    God forbid they make the FA Cup more meaningful and exciting! Oh no, there could possibly be underdogs in the Champions League! This obviously is dumb because I only support teams like Chelsea, Man Utd, and Barcelona! The worst thing in sports is an unfancied team making an remarkable run and...
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    Rob Styles - A Ref On Trial.

    Styles is an absolute joke, refereeing today is just awful.
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    MLS Thread 2007

    You can't really blame LA for their defending, they are missing everything through injury.
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    lol @ billy celeski from perth glory

    he was definitely trying his hardest, that's for sure
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    USA National Team Thread

    Looks like Feilhaber is going to Derby! Great news!
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    MLS Thread 2007

    DC's crowd was good, but Toronto's was much better overall. Galaxy are just awful, it's just a team thrown together really. Why does Alan Gordon even get starts in this league? At least Buddle GETS chances to mess up rather than be completely ineffective.
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    Fifa rassist opposes England 2018 bid

    you guys are just a bunch of tossers, this is quite funny I think he is more concerned about england hosting it because he doesn't want to see a nation that wouldn't qualify get a free ticket in!
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    The Superliga (Mexico - USA) 2007!!!

    Would you just shut up already? You don't have a clue what the correct "thing" is, just an undeniable love for Mexico. I've refereed for years and the reason that was not called a handball was because the referee was in a bad position and his view of the incident was blocked or he just missed...