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    Questions thread

    I see the 300x100 signature limit has been dropped :(
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    This is one of the worst seasons i've witnessed since following football/United. Only Aguero winning the league has been worse. It's even worse than the Moyes shitshow because at some point you could just accept how shit we were and forget about the CL spot. But this season, at one point, you do...
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    Liverpool FC

    Fucking hell, Klavan, I find it absolutely disgusting to see my fellow countryman playing for Liverpool.
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    We dominated possession and had a decent one half. Now we just need to implement some sort of a philosophy which would act as a lighthouse for the players to lead them through the season.
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    Pictures from FIFA 17

    Is the sweat static or does it actually drip?
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    New Kits 2016/2017

    Marseille, probably their last new kits before getting relegated and liquidated, lol Lyon home And a special one! Swedish olympic kit by H and fucking M!
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    Zlatan and Rooney both dropped very deep, also can see them struggling cause lack of pace. Martial was shockingly bad. Depay is even more frustrating than Welbeck. Herrera and Schneiderlin never found the form they had at Athletic/Southampton. Blind is a better CB than Jones. RB spot needs and...
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    The biggest saga of the summer is finally over, Martial is following United on Twitter again.
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    Well, then, we have Mourinho pretty much saying Rooney is a forward or he's out but then we have someone who's shit in the EURO draft saying we need him but not as a goalscorer, hmm (H)
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    Haha, Wilmots is a fucking idiot. You're dominated by Wales for the last 10 mins of first half and you decide to bring on Fellaini!? That's like hitting your toe and amputating everything waist down to save yourself.
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    What a goal by Nainggolan
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    Yes, we need Rooney. Just like we needed Bosnich when the only other option was Taibi. We need an actual midfielder and Rooney to be shipped to China. Can't see that happening, so I seriously hope he'll find some motivation to play. With Mourinho and Zlatan bringing some winning mentality to the...
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    Rumours Center

    Steve Mandanda (Marseille) -> Crystal Palace, almost done. Reportedly snubbed Tottenham, Chelsea and Everton in favor of playing time. Best goalkeeper in Ligue 1, amazing deal for Palace, especially since he's moving for free. Last nail into the coffin for OM. edit: aaaand it's done.
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    Confirmed Transfers

    Nowhere near a done deal, though. Marseille will accept any bid as they need money, fast. Batshuayi would still have the final say, but can't see anything happening before Belgium fucks off home from the Euros. Tottenham in for him as well. Pretty funny how Palace can throw 38 mil just like...