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Zoran kits for fifa 16

For bether Fifa 16 ,15,14

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Club Supporter
Psg With these shorts please


  • FB_IMG_16620398532993344.jpg
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Club Supporter
Guys, I don't have any patterns - I'm not even a kitmaker - the only reason I share my time with you is that I have Insomnia - so Absolute Amateur without Patterns, Without photoshop - often I don't even understand what a pattern is - Thank you !!!
Will there be an RX3 pack for Spanish, German, Italian and French leagues like you did with English Premier league ?

zoran milinkovic

Starting XI
JochemLFC2 s Yours Liverpool FC third kit

The way I see it



  • Liverpool kit Third.png
    Liverpool kit Third.png
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  • Liverpool Shorts  Third.png
    Liverpool Shorts Third.png
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  • Liverpool kit Third mini.png
    Liverpool kit Third mini.png
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zoran milinkovic

Starting XI
Will there be an RX3 pack for Spanish, German, Italian and French leagues like you did with English Premier league ?
I don't do Spanish or Italian, you already have jerseys in rx3 format for both Italy and Spain - take a look at
http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/kit-s-request-thread.182716/post-6710201 that's your Spanish league and there you also have the Italian league - Kit(s) Request Thread and you'll find it. I I will do the French ones by Sunday, and for Germany Mogolos works - although not in rx3 format. Greetings.
It is possible, but it is a complicated and lengthy process. You would have to put the numbers on the front using, for example, Photoshop. This way you have to create 99 sets !! I don't know any other method.
Yea that's insane. But that's Germany kit. The back is black & the front is gold.

zoran milinkovic

Starting XI
Angers SCO Fc League 1 france Home ,Away ,third and gk
Home kit Collar 14,Away kit Collar 14, Third Collar 7 /Gk Collar 8


  • Angers SCO Home.png
    Angers SCO Home.png
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  • shortsAngers SCO Home.png
    shortsAngers SCO Home.png
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  • Angers SCO Home mini.png
    Angers SCO Home mini.png
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  • Angers SCO Away.png
    Angers SCO Away.png
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  • Angers SCO Away shorts.png
    Angers SCO Away shorts.png
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  • Angers SCO Away minikit.png
    Angers SCO Away minikit.png
    36.5 KB · Views: 103
  • ANGERS SCO third kit.png
    ANGERS SCO third kit.png
    270.1 KB · Views: 113
  • third shorts.png
    third shorts.png
    131.5 KB · Views: 107
  • ANGERS THIRD mini kit.png
    ANGERS THIRD mini kit.png
    50.2 KB · Views: 120

zoran milinkovic

Starting XI

AC Ajaccio League 1 France Home,Away ,Third And Gk kits home kit Collar 7,Away 0 ,Third 7,Gk 7​



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  • Home shorts.png
    Home shorts.png
    27.2 KB · Views: 140
  • AJACIO HOME mini.png
    AJACIO HOME mini.png
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  • AJACIO away.png
    AJACIO away.png
    828.6 KB · Views: 138
  • AJACIO  shorts away.png
    AJACIO shorts away.png
    22.8 KB · Views: 131
  • Ajaccio Third Kit.png
    Ajaccio Third Kit.png
    354.7 KB · Views: 137
  • Third  mini.png
    Third mini.png
    34.1 KB · Views: 115
  • Ajaccio Third shots.png
    Ajaccio Third shots.png
    173 KB · Views: 116
  • AJACIO HOME mini.png
    AJACIO HOME mini.png
    39 KB · Views: 80
  • ajaccio away mini.png
    ajaccio away mini.png
    57.1 KB · Views: 109
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