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That Nice Guy
Thats right, Sound Control! Kept thinking of Soundwave, which consequently got me thinking of Transformers :(

Aye tis a good shop, not so good when you have to stand around it for 1.30hrs as your mate tries out different guitars that sound all the same to you :( :( :(

Sheffield is wank for parking in general, think yourself lucky that you aint at Hallam; its even worse. Any ideas where you'll be staying next year?


SG Sheffield Authority
I'm going to be in halls of residence, guaranteed for the first year.

I was pretty unsuccessful (OK, completely unsuccessful) in finding a drum shop though. The people at Sound Control said that everyone goes to ElectroMusic ( Doncaster!) to get drum stuff. I didn't check Meadow Hall, but I guess they don't have music shops.

I feel old now :(:D


That Nice Guy
Meadowhall has Music Box in The Lanes (near the Oasis), it isnt big and it isnt hard, but its better than nothing i guess.

To be honest mate, once you've been in Sheff for a bit to get to doncaster is piss, just get the X78 from Sheffield Interchange, it'll take about 1.30hrs (H) but it takes you straight into Donnie city centre, and back again for that matter.

Oh and by the way, almost all first years go into halls in the first year.


Senior Squad
getting back to the topic.....

just found a new club after some 13 odd years at arsenal. got promoted to regional premier div after 2 years in the lowest div.

ss soon :)


Haha 13 years, that's ******* much :D.
I think I got in 2014 with Juve, gave up then, never lost a trophy in those years.


Reserve Team
I had full time with Real Madrid B, 15 years :rockman:. Completely detroyed every team in the league and played it on World Class. I didn't lose any matches and I brought star players to the team. Brilliance.