x360 or PS2 version of PES6


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How is the lag on x360 servers ? im tempted to get it on x360 just for the fact that it looks better and could possibly have better servers since we pay Mr. Billy for supscription service i would assume they provide a better servers.

Main concern would be there wont be as many players on x360 as ps2.

Punk Sk8r

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360 Onlines not bad at all i use it to play my mate and older bor and it doesnt lag much ive had like 5 secs of lag since ive played and that was a goal kick and it only happened because someone on my mates cpu kept signing into msn or somthing so its not bad.......im confused if ishould get it for PS2 aswell or PC im really missing edit mode lol!!!


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the 360 version is fine, had a few teething problems to start with, but now it's fine. How you can even question xbox live compared to sony is a laugh and as for players, there will be far more on xbox live than on the ps2, you only ever have to wait about 5 secs to get a game.


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I have had the 360 version for a few days now and i'm yet to connect to game in live, i get 1 green bar in the lobbies, i have attempted many times to play on live , but it's a no go from here in australia, i have to say so far i'm not impressed, and would say that the online mode for PES 6 is even worse than it was in Fifa WC 06