World League patch by Polish Team Project topic !!


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Sorry mates, we have got some problems with fix game crashes found by Silencer and we must fast fix it. It will be relase this week for 100 %.


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Hello all FIFA Fans !! I have got great news for You. Today Fifa Polonia present the biggest patch for Fifa 2005 called World League Patch. Do you remember WL 2004 made by Ariel? This year we wanted to make bigger patch than last year . Did we make ? You must rate .. Patch works only on English version and clean of Fifa 2005. World League Patch contain :

- 16 teams: English Premiership, Serie A, Primiera Division, German Bundesliga, Argentinian League, Poland League, French League, Dutch League, MLS league, Brazil League, Belgian League, Portugal League, Scottish League, Turkey League, Mexico League, Chile League, Russian League, Romonian League
- Kits by Pede54, Curswine, Andyfr, Hayan
- Faces: Duong, Youri, Hayan, Adam_PL, Vladinho, Hayan, Sashimi_Bing, - - FifaMind
- Adboards and Flags: Dennis121188, Marcel
- Popup: Ariel&Hayan&PiPoL
- Cinematics: Hayan
- Gameplay: Sanny
- Audio: Morpheus
- Boots: Keegan
- Gloves: Ionescu Radu
- Install programme: Juan Jose
- Squads: Morpheus
- Banners- Hayan
- Logos- Hayan
- Managers- Hayan
- Menuses- Morpheus_X
- Mini Kits- Kalvin, Keegan
- Turfs- K S PARK
- New cameras- Fuerteflojo
- Balls- Daugaard, Michal Pyzel, Dart Vagner, Gwidon

Special thanks are going to Gwidon for assent to use Ball Revolution technics

Download: World League Patch 2005
Download: World League Patch 2005 fix 1


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Doesn't work for me. When I try to unzip the archive with part 2 and some of the audio-archives, I get a error-message. Why??!!!


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It must works, you must unpack WL2005.part1.rar by winrar not every file. If you start unpack WL2005.part1.rar then it automatic start unpacking WL2005.part2.rar


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Great patch. But just a few things I noticed needing to be fixed: When i substituted in a match, some of the players got all black in the texture. But it didn't happen next time I substituted, so it doesn't happen every time. Or it could be because I subbed 2 players at the same time when the texture got black.

Second (not so importent), I noticed, that when u play with Spanish League, John Motson says something about Benfica. You know when the team is in the lead he says something like "Benfica is totally in control" or something. That didn't fit in. ;)

Thx for a great patch though! :D


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Sprhr66- this isn't stondalone patch, because we hadn't got help from Ariel and nobody could make it.
Tem- thx for help, but one of problem we can not fix because, we can't fix John Motson and second commentator. Second problem we will fix as soon as possible.

Thx for all patchmakers for their BIG WORK !!!!


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great patch mates, i just watched a game brazi vs mexico it was brilliant, went into over time and brazil won in pks 4 - 2, brilliant patch lads!


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Great patch.......

Just a few things I noticed.....I'm playing EPL and got a red card...since theres only just enough players I had to forfeit the next gamedue to the fact I didnt have enough men to feild the team...I guess I'll have to add some players with CC.
Also,,,At certain kick offs theres just a grey pole or something like that in the way so i can't see the field for a couple of seconds.
Thanks again....a great patch overall!


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Noticed the kick-off prob too, just forgot it :P

Also I have trouble when I need to uninstal the patch when I play online. The uninstaller dont fix everything. The background and turfs are still there, but there may be more, coz it disconnects when i try to play online...and that (im sorry too say) isn't so good. Then i need to reinstall fifa, and all my graphic stuff is lost :boohoo:


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Another thing: The game crashed for me, when I watched i replays at the end of a game. Not when I was about to do so, but in the middle of the replays...