World Cup 2018 Patch by Marian(TIM) NEW !!!

Do you want a CMP version of this World Cup 2018 patch?

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Russia vs Egypt Gameplay Screenshots

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Download link
***This version includes full Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch17/18 Edition updates***

Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch 2018 World Cup Edition content:

· 32 National Teams Updated kits,mini-kits,Fonts

· National flag logos added for all 32 teams (World cup format)

· Adidas Official ball World Cup 2018

· New TV Popups

· New scoreboard

· New Adboards

· New Menu Backgrounds

· New pitch color (Sunny and night)

· TIM’s latest faces

· Top summer transfers 18/19 (until 16.06.2018)

· TIM’s latest 18/19 kits & mini-kits (Real Madrid, Barcelona,Juventus,As Roma,Inter,Galatasaray,Chelsea,Man City)

· 17/18 kits For the rest of National Teams (thanks to FIFAMoro)

Installation Instructions:

1. Delete all files from FIFA10/data… excepting ,,audio’’ folder (,,audio’’ will not be deleted)
2. Extract ,, Marian(TIM)’s Superpatch 2018 (World Cup Edition) to FIFA10 (main folder) and replace the existing files
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