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People are really complaining about something when others are doing for them, for free...

The face is really good mate. One of the best Sanches that I have seen for sure.


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dollabillgates;3950099 said:
This Renato is literally the best Renato I have seen on this site, everything just sounds nit-picky rather than criticism.

Opinions mate. It's the best I've seen too, but like I said, I feel that it needs some small tweaks. The pes-picture felt more like sanches, even if this one is top notch. Enough off-topic from me now anyway. I will be more than happy with this version too.


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Hi, can you do El Shaarawy with his hair color pls ? Thanks





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Renato Sanches in game

It's not final. :|

Unfortunately, My brother had cancer again.

so, I can't visit my thread in meantime..

know that my brother had cancer two years ago,

I'm very confused.. I think that if you give understanding.

Anyway, Thanks for comment.​


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I'm sry to hear that... :( dont worry about the thread some much focus more on your brother now and real life we understand :D best of luck


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You have not only our understaning buddy, but our prayers and wishes for a final cure. Give the priorities the attention they deserve

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thanks for all your work wichanwoo. I am sure everyone will understand. Of course things in real life come much more important than just a game. Hope your brother recovers from it.