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Why don't continental tournaments, like the Champions League, take place in the first season?


Club Supporter
I would like to put the continental tournaments in my FIFA 07 in the first season, but I don't know how to do that. I tried to change the start date in Creation Master 07, but I can't put a season earlier there, as the minimum is January 2006.

Is it possible to do this through the DB Master? If yes how?

Someone help me please

FIFA07 Editor

Club Supporter
Me gustaría poner los torneos continentales en mi FIFA 07 en la primera temporada, pero no sé cómo hacerlo. Traté de cambiar la fecha de inicio en Creation Master 07, pero no puedo poner una temporada más temprano allí, ya que el mínimo es enero de 2006.

¿Es posible hacer esto a través del DB Master? Si es así, ¿cómo?

Alguien ayúdame por favor
Es porque son torneos de precalificación, primero se debe jugar una liga o torneo para calificar y en la siguiente temporada se juega la Copa.
Hay una opción en CM07 ( Torneos ), calificar de la temporada anterior, que puedes tocar para jugar en la primera temporada ( Obviamente, el equipo tiene que estar en la Copa ).
Lo siento si no entiendes mi inglés.


It's a good question, but we don't have an answer.
We even don't know if it was made by design, or there were any limitations to implement the first season eurocups.


I made a research and here's my guess:
1. The career always start on the day when your team must play the first match, but:
2. The game is unable to handle the situation when your team bypasses the qualification of the tournament (direct bye to group stage)

In case if your team goes directly to group stage, the game thinks that you're not in the tournament (at the moment when it decides the start date).

I forced TournamentCmn::AreEuroCupsAvailable to always return the true, and made some tests:
1. Arsenal : team plays in ECC quali round > game starts with ECC quali match
2. Barcelona : team plays in ECC group and Euro Superfinal, game starts with Euro Superfinal match, and you can play in ECC group because ECC starts after Euro Superfinal
1694026520661.png 1694026549878.png
3. Real Madrid : team plays in ECC group stage, game starts with La Liga match, because the game thinks you aren't in ECC.

I think that dumb logic of game start date is the reason why EA decided to skip euro cups in first season.