why doesn't anyone answer this???? :(:(:(


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this must be the umpteenth time i'm asking this (i've been asking this for the past three iterations of fifa)...

i'm not good on the gamepad... i have a much smoother and better game on the keyboards.... however for the past few iterations playing with the keyboard gives me a distinct shooting disadvantage i.e. there are only a few positions from which i can shoot and score... other positions result in the ball either going straight to the goalie, or outside because the angle is too great (since the keyboard only allows for 45 degree directions)... this in turn limits the kind of attacking moves i can make

is there anyway to fix shooting for this.... because i've tried the gamepad and i suck on it... semi pro gives me trouble... with the keyboard i play wc

please answer!


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Your question brings back some nostalgy Danny, it remembers me playing Wolfenstein and Doom with the keyboard, then Quake arrived and you could aim up and downwards also and then I took an incredible beating. Eventualy I had to learn to use the mouse and slowly but surely I got the hang of it and eventualy became a fairly good player :)

As Howard said, I guess you'll have to do the same with Fifa :)


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RE: Shooting on Keyboard

@ danny_a,

I agree with you 100% I have the same problems, I use to be above average on the previous games 1998-2000 and not too shabby on 2002.

However due to the various tweaks in gamplay of the last 3 games this included I struggle to get goals. So I feel for you :(

Having got whooped last night by Chelsea using the All Star Team, I realise that it is more than the limited shooting angles.

1) First touch
2) New combinations to do certain moves

Overall this makes doing key moves such as sprinting past players, swinging long passes and lobbing the keeper extremely tough using the keyboard.

I do have the USB-PS2 adaptor from play.com and I will look into using that once that dualshock and right stick problem is resolved.


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OriginalDon said:
@ danny_a,

I do have the USB-PS2 adaptor from play.com and I will look into using that once that dualshock and right stick problem is resolved.

When will this be!!!


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what problems are you referring too with the USB/PS2 adapter???

I have one of those, and for some reason even when unplugged there seems to be a continuos movement to the left... so I can't even get through the profile creation... :(

i've tried uninstalling FIFA... no luck :S even if installed without the controller hooked up :S

PS: sorry for this "kinda" thread hijacking but i wanna play this game.. b4 PES5 comes out :p

thnkx y'all m8s


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hey... so i started playing with the game pad...
the default in the demo is semi pro right?... well i'm finally playing ok on that... moved on to pro now (which actually is a big step down... i've played the last 5 fifas or so on world class)... but i'm having fun... i don't have full control yet (on the keyboard i dictated the game, with the game pad i do make some mistakes).... but i pull it together once or twice to score... and i'm having fun in fifa after a long time! :D... its opened a new world to me

btw.... i am really liking this fifa... they've done a good job.. but the goal keepers suck... 50 yard shots and they can't hold the ball.. and my defence is too dumb to clear :P..

i'll have to edit ai.ini or something myself