Which is the most wanted adidas kit at SG?


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hey alex.. nice to hear sth from you^^
i think that the people want to see the france and the german kits. so the favourest adidas kit is germany home i think


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hi suraj! okay, is there any good pics of the details? i haven't made that design..please post if you have any


The Super-Swede
hi man!!!! im fine, you?! well, i've been busy with school stuffs, girlfriend etc, also i haven't felt like making kits so....well, we'll see if i make some more kits or if it just ends here,hehehe...right now im just a bit curious of what kit is the most wanted.. :)


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An adidas kit? ......i would like to have the AIK Solna away and Goalkeeper Kits ......(you already made the home kit months ago but not finished the pack). If you want you can complete the pack......it's useless make france or germany kits because they were already made and the one on soccergaming are good. If you have time and if you want please try to complete the packs for swedish teams (Elfsborg, Helsinborgs, Malmoe, Djurgardens need gk kit)...... you're the only one who make them every year. Thanks.


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oh! didn't think those were popular :) we'll see then :) the full kits (if i make them) will be posted in my kit thread for your information :)


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WOW - Sunsdvall. that germany kit is seriously amazing but I think the best adidas kit is Inerista's LA Galaxy one